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New and Used Xbox Games for Sale in Singapore

Many of us love playing Xbox games, but most of them are unable to do so as these games can put some stress on your already tight budget. So, what can be done in such a situation? The answer is something that Carousell came up with. The solution is to buy pre-owned Xbox games. As these games are pre-owned, they will be very much cost-efficient at the same time and will also help in reducing the e-waste that is being generated in large quantities these days. This will also help the seller to get something out of their pre-owned products when these products still have some good years of usage left.

Carousell is an online platform where you can buy many pre-owned products; Xbox games are among these products, at reasonable rates. Some of the most popular Xbox games on Carousell are Kameo: Elements of Power, Bioshock, Hale: Reach, Left 4 Dead 2, FIFA 11, Fable 3, Darksider II, and many more. The price range for these games starts from S$ 5 and will go up to S$ 30. Gaming bundles are also available for buyers looking for great deals.

The sellers are verified and thoroughly checked to minimize any scope for fraud. There is also a chat window available for you to get your queries solved by the seller. If the seller has given their contact information, you can contact them and even meet them and see the product for yourself. You can even do the hand-to-hand delivery, where you can buy the product directly, while there is the option of home delivery available to you.

Not only pre-owned, but you can also get new and updated versions of consoles and games. The prices for Xbox games are dependent on the version of the console, demand in the market, and the condition of the games. While there are new and used Xboxes available for sale, you can also get the accessories and other items from Carousell.

Coming to the safety of the buyer, Carousell is a fully authorized online platform connecting buyers and sellers. All the sellers who are selling their products on Carousell are verified. Carousell has strict rules and regulations which are required to be followed by both the sellers and the buyers so that there is no fraud or miscommunication. Having been in the trade for a while, Carousell is among some of the top companies in Singapore. The products are authentic, and the staff is very vigilant to any issues that the users are facing.

Most listings are available for free shipping in Singapore, but there are some products and even some situations in which there are shipping prices levied. Talking about the types of delivery available, home delivery, hand-to-hand delivery, pick-up location, all three are available to the buyer. While making the transaction, we request the buyer to go through the information thoroughly and check for all the details, after which they can make the transaction.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the prices of Xboxes on Carousell?

The price of Xboxes mostly depends on various factors like the type, category, manufacturing company, accessories, and so on. But if we still have to give an idea, then a brand new might cost up to S$ 350 while a used Xbox might cost you around S$ 20, but these are very much dependent on many criteria and can't be assumed as fixed.

Is it safe to buy second-hand products on Carousell?

Buying second-hand from an unauthenticated source may and may not be risky. However, shopping with Carousell is 100% safe. We assure all buyers of the authenticity of the sellers, and that they are verified with the documents and bills to make sure that the client does not end up with fraud. Thus, we can say that yes, buying second-hand products with Carousell is safe.

Is getting a refund possible with Carousell?

Yes, getting a refund of your money is possible, but on the condition that the transaction of the purchase must be made using the protection policy. If the issue is not sorted within 7 days, the Carousell support team will intervene to help.

Is Carousell mainly a place to buy second-hand products?

No, Carousell deals in both criteria on an equal level. There is nothing like we are focused on one aspect and not the other. Both our services are competent and quality equipped. Both departments are separate and are looked after by different staff members.

Can we get free shipping with Carousell?

Yes, most of the products fall under the free-shipping scheme in Singapore, but there are certain conditions under which one might be asked to pay some amount as a shipping fee, but these conditions are very rare, thus making free-shipping possible and covering most of the products.

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