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New and Used Virtual Reality Games and Headsets for Sale in Singapore

The video gaming experience has evolved over the past few decades, only getting more immersive, allowing more involvement from the player. The latest advancement in video game technology, which is used in other fields as well, is virtual reality games. We live in an era where you can become and control the gaming icon in the video game. Virtual reality headsets and simulators are used for more than just gaming.

World-class surgeons use virtual reality simulators to practice, people watch immersive movies, simulators are used for bike and car racers, pilots to practice, and it has even been used as a therapeutic treatment for people struggling with clinical mental issues such as PTSD and anxiety. From simulators to training equipment and the entertainment industry, virtual reality headsets and games are next-gen equipment. Becoming a part of a new era of video games and entertainment has become easier and cheaper with Carousell’s wide collection of new and used virtual reality headsets and games for sale in Singapore.

The virtual reality gaming equipment has already been included as an optional part of the PS5 setup with games designed exclusively for the virtual reality gaming experience. Oculus, Samsung, PlayStation, Obutto, Vuzix, HP, and HTC are some of the popular brands on Carousell for virtual reality headsets. The immersive virtual reality games have been only recently introduced in PlayStation and Nintendo. Xbox is yet to catch up on the trend. The virtual reality option enables games to make the gamer feel like they are a part of the video game reality where they go through a first-person experience as the character they are controlling. Action, exploration, sports, and art are some of the genres in games designed on Virtual reality.

Samsung, HTC, HP, Oculus, and Vuzix virtual reality headsets can be connected to the TV, phone, and other devices as well. The Nintendo Switch VR equipment is the OLED model, OIVO 3D VR, and Switch VR Labo goggles headset. The VR gaming kit can include Goggles, blasters, cameras, VR gun controllers, Gear VR with a controller, VR consoles, wristband controllers, and stimulators that are found on Carousell. The VR gaming products are mostly sold as individual parts, but some sellers on Carousell offer sets and combos of cameras, consoles, headsets, cameras, and stimulators at a much lower price. The Oculus Quest series, Oculus Rift and PS VR are the best fits for gaming experiences. Oculus produces VR that can be connected to gaming sets, television, and mobile phones as well.

Carousell is one of the safest and most user-friendly platforms for buyers and sellers to network. Communicate with buyers and sellers directly to avail the cheapest deals and best quality products. Find multiple products from different brands and in different models at different price ranges. Compare and select your best deal. Choose your most preferred courier company for delivery and get free delivery on select products. Use the Carousell filters to find the product that best meets all your requirements and expectations. Initiate secured payments through the Caroupay and Carousell protection plan features which only permit the transfer until the buyer has confirmed the safe and authentic delivery of their purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to buy virtual reality games and headsets from Carousell?

Carousell is one of the safest online platforms to buy and sell new and used virtual reality games and headsets. The Carousell listing policies are strict and are intolerant towards ingenuity. It filters out all the best buyers, sellers, and products to be presented on a free, user-friendly and easily accessible platform. The Caroupay and Carousell protection plan features help to secure your payments, and the Carousell support team is ready to help in any situation.

Do I get refunds or returns for virtual reality games and headsets on Carousell?

Products that are damaged, defective, or untrue to their profile or description can be offered the choice of return if bought using the protection scheme. You can contact the seller directly for returns or refunds. If the issue is not sorted within seven days, the Carousell support team will assist you.

How much do virtual reality games and headsets cost on Carousell?

Depending on the condition of new or pre-owned, virtual reality headsets can cost from S$ 300 to S$ 900. The price varies within bands, models, and features. Virtual reality games can cost from S$ 20 to S$ 100.

What are the kinds of virtual reality games available on Carousell?

VR games on Carousell come from multiple genres and types of immersive experiences offered. The common games are oriented with action, sports, artistic, exploration, story mode, and role play.

What brands of virtual reality headsets can I find on Carousell?

The popular brands for VR headsets on Carousell are PlayStation, HTC, Oculus, Vizux, Saber, Rift, Jedi, and Destek.

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