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New and Used Cables and Chargers for Gaming Consoles for Sale in Singapore

Every gamer knows the agony of having a console run out of charge mid-game. Charging through cables as you play the game limits your distance from the screen, hence limiting your experience. The need for faster and more efficient charging systems is satiated by the Carousell listings of premium quality chargers in both new and used conditions. If you are one of those individuals who constantly wear out, break or lose your charger cables and charging equipment, Carousell offers the best deals for cheap-priced yet high quality and high functioning chargers for all your gaming equipment.

Find the latest models with high-efficiency features like low power consumption, overheating resistance, and high-speed charging in the latest chargers and cables in the market at the best available prices on Carousell. Older equipment that uses older models of charger and cable that have been outdated and no longer in production can be found as second-hand or pre-owned products in working condition on Carousell. The universal charger adaptors that can work with multiple devices simultaneously is another popularly purchased and sold product on Carousell.

The new models of multiple wireless consoles, charging docks for PS3, PS4, PS5 models from the PlayStation series, and Nintendo switch charging dock that can accommodate five devices are also common purchases. Xbox rechargeable battery pack with wireless charging dock combo or the PSP charging battery sets are available combo offers. Silicone USB cable winders, duality directional cooling fans, Nintendo switch joy-con charger pod, Xbox power supply brick, 3 in 1 stereo audio video game selector RCA set up junction, and composite AV cables are some of the other miscellaneous but related products from the cables and chargers for gaming consoles for sale in Singapore section on Carousell.

Triple cooling fans for PS4 and PS5 are a great find on Carousell, especially for those long game nights that might lead to overheating equipment. They come with easy installation, triple-fan, and low-noise functioning features. Controller battery recharging stations for Xbox and PS come with adjustable cord lengths, multiple charging outlets for more than one battery. Find all chargers and cables for all gaming equipment from Nintendo, PlayStation, Xbox, and more, all in the same place on Carousell. If the new chargers and cables do not fit your budget, find the same products in combo offers or as pre-owned products serving the same purpose but at a much lower price.

Carousell offers premium quality products at the lowest available prices. Network with sellers and buyers through a secured platform. Communicate and arrive at the best possible deals. Use Carousell filters to navigate through multiple options. Compare deals from multiple sellers and brands on the same platform.

Payment can be processed through both debit and credit cards from VISA and Mastercard as well as DBS Paylah. Select your preferred courier service and avail of free shipping perks on select products. Opt to pick up your purchase upon the seller-buyer's mutual agreement. Check for warranty cards and other documents before you confirm your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carousell safe for buying cables and chargers for gaming consoles?

Carousell is a safe online platform for buyers and sellers to network. The listing policies refine only the best and authentic sellers, buyers, and products to be exhibited. The Caroupay and Carousell protection plan features provide extra security to your payments. Carousell's support team also provides the necessary assistance. Reporting any suspicious behavior or listings is also an easy process.

How much do cables and chargers cost on Carousell?

Cables and chargers for sale in Singapore can cost from S$ 12 to S$ 300 and more for charger hubs. Wireless charging stands with the dual purpose of charging phones and multiple consoles can cost up to S$ 700. The model, brand, and condition of the product influence the price.

Does Carousell offer free shipping for cables and chargers in Singapore?

Some products on Carousell come with the perk of free shipping. Use the Carousell filter 'free shipping.'

What type and brand of chargers can I find on Carousell?

HDMI ports, PS3, PS4, PS5 consoles, charging cables, console charging docks, Xbox rechargeable batteries, PSP slim battery, type C audio cable adapter, micro-USB cables, PSP chargers, and cables are some of the charger types on Carousell. There is an extensive collection of brands such as PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo, Joycon, and Razer.

Is buying a second-hand charger a good choice?

Carousell has second-hand or used chargers in perfect working conditions and at a much cheaper price range. Since you will be getting the same benefits but at a lower price, buying second-hand chargers are a great choice.

Do I get offers and discounts for chargers and cables on Carousell?

Some sellers produce combo offers and cheaper deals. Second-hand products are offered at a much cheaper price range on Carousell.

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