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New and Used Blu-Ray & Media Players for Sale in Singapore

Carousell has come up with the idea that will not only reduce stress from the ecosystem but also help buyers save a considerable amount of money while purchasing high-quality electronics and other products. The idea is to provide the people with a platform for selling and buying used products and new products freely and efficiently. This step will help get the best out of a product and be able to reverse the process of Earth's degradation.

Carousell sells all tech products, office furniture, and other useful material in fresh and used conditions. One of the most popular product ranges listed in the entertainment category on Carousell is that of Blu-Ray and Media players. These products are a direct source of entertainment in busy modern-day lives. Buying used products makes people question the authenticity of the product, the product handled by the previous owner, and so many others. But with Carousell, there is little to worry about as we have the most secure methods and processes for such products.

The price range for used Blu-Ray and Media players on Carousell varies according to the brand and the product's condition. A used LG Network Blu-ray disc might cost you around S$ 35 depending on the condition, while a Samsung Blu-ray player might cost as low as S$ 10. While this is the price range for used products, a brand-new Sony UBP Blu-ray player might cost up to $790, which can vary with the model and company you are buying. There are also products available that are either well-used or are not used more than a couple of times. This also affects the price of a product.

There are many features, such as the player's compatibility with different types of discs, durability, and the advanced characteristics of the device. These are some points that will be considered while buying both a user and a brand-new product. Almost all the brands are available while one is purchasing from Carousell, for example, Sony, LG, Panasonic, etc.

While this was all about the products, both used and fresh, now let us look at how to buy a product. For this, you need to be sure whether you want a used product or a brand new one. If you consider buying a used product, make sure that you have all your queries solved before making the deal. For this purpose, Carousell provides the customer with a chat option to ask their questions from the seller regarding the product they are considering buying. For a brand-new product, the only thing one needs to check is all the information regarding the product, along with the warranty period, the durability, and so on. After getting all this information, you are free to make the transaction.

The delivery of the product can be made to your address, or you can even opt for a pick-up option depending on whether the seller is willing to go with it. Carousell is one of the most trusted and reputed platforms to buy second-hand products, with amazing deals and authentic processes.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Buying second-hand products, is it safe?

This might be risky if you buy from an unauthenticated source. Still, if you are considering buying with Carousell, we assure you that the sellers are authentic and that they are verified with the documents and bills to make sure that the client does not end up with fraud. Thus, we can say that yes, buying second-hand products with Carousell is safe.

What are the criteria that decide the price of the used products?

This generally depends on the seller, but some of the criteria are the years of use, the company, the manufacturing date, and the condition of the products. While these are only a few factors, the prices are mostly in the hands of the seller.

Can one get a refund?

Yes, with Carousell, you can get a refund, but the condition is that the product is prescribed under the protection policy section. This policy ensures that a refund will be granted under the product's condition required to be returned. Apart from this, there are certain situations under which a refund might be possible.

Can I see the product before buying?

That depends on the seller; if the seller provides their contact information, you can take the conversation out of the chat window and ask the required questions to the seller. You can ask them if they are ready for an offline meeting and show you the product you are interested in buying. You can even choose to have a hand-to-hand delivery. But this all depends on if the seller is as willing as you are.

Why is there price variation even in the fresh products?

This is because the seller chooses to set the price, and Carousell isn’t responsible for the price variations.

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