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New and Used Kettles and Airpots for Sale in Singapore

Using second-hand products is the concept that Carousell promotes. They offer their Singaporean clientele an economically beneficial way for the users to meet all their requirements. Carousell is one of the best platforms in Singapore for the purchase and sale of used as well as brand new products.

Buying second-hand is proven to be beneficial for the environment as using pre-owned products reduces the stress that is implied on nature due to the non-biodegradable or the waste that takes thousands of years to degrade. Also, using the products in this way brings them to their maximum capacity of usage.

Kettles and airpots are two of the most used products of the kitchen in day-to-day life. There is a wide variety available to the people to make their choice with. From electricity to the thermostat, there are many other sorts of kettles and airpots that can be bought from Carousell. There are many models and categories that you can choose from; this can be done with the help of the filters provided at the top. While there are many brands to choose from, you can always go with second-hand products or brand-new products for your kitchen. Some of the most popular brands available on Carousell are Panasonic, Viomi, Philips, Cornell, Xiaomi, Sona, and several other products. The available capacity range is 0.5L to 4.5L with features like temperature control, multi-function, instant hot water, safety lock, etc.

Carousell has made getting used products easier, given the easy buy and sell options for the users. While buying is easier and safe, selling requires proper documentation and verification so that there is no scope left for any type of fraud. Carousell offers its customers the option of getting their products delivered to their doorsteps, or a hand-to-hand delivery is possible.

Coming to the policies, Carousell offers you all the information regarding the product, whether it’s regarding the manufacturing, the material used, the warranty or guarantee period, durability, principal technology, the type of machinery, and many more things that the customer requires before they but the said product. While kettles and airpots can be made up as a normal thermostat, or the electric one which can be used to heat and even make a couple of things in it. The cost is again dependent on the type of material used, the principal technology, the type of the product, and its capacity. The capacity plays a very crucial factor in this setup as the cost increases with every litre irrespective of the material and technology used.

Coming to the used kettles and airpots, the prices depend on how much the item has been used, the condition of the item, the manufacturing company, and the special features that are restricted to that model. These used items are good for the people who rarely use these goods and are not very fond of cooking. Carousell makes this experience even better with its interactive interface with the seller and the buyer. For any doubts or queries that you may have, get in touch with the team at Carousell.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Carousell be trusted with the quality of products?

Yes, Carousell is the most trusted and secure place to buy products. Carousell is both certified and licensed to sell products in Singapore. The products that are sold are checked and qualified by the companies to be sold to the people. The products that are sold are from the top brands and verified companies.

Does Carousell sell only used products?

No, Carousell sells both brand new products and second-hand products. They have a platform for both types of products. It is very easy to buy and sell used products along with buying brand-new products.

What about getting a refund?

That is possible with Carousell only if the product is under the protection scheme. Whether the product lies under the protection scheme or not is mentioned with the product that you can check before making the deal. Also, under certain conditions, a refund can be claimed; for that, you have to read all the terms and conditions of Carousell.

What price can be expected for buying these products?

The price varies from product to product and model to model. While this variation only increases with normal kettles and electric kettles. The capacity of the kettles and airpots plays a vital role in determining the price of the product. At last, whether you are getting a brand-new, like new, well-used product will determine the price as well. The price ranges between S $15 to S$ 68 based on the features and condition.

Is home delivery possible?

Yes, there is an option of home delivery as well as hand-to-hand delivery. At Carousell, we try to be as helpful as we can for the comfort of the customer.

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