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New and Used Ice-Cream Makers for Sale in Singapore

You can now make ice cream at home with the help of the highly efficient ice cream makers available in the market. Carousell makes your ice cream fantasies real with the most affordable collection of home ice cream churns. You can now experiment with your favourite flavours by accessing the best ice cream makers for sale in Singapore through Carousell. Prepare your own hygienic and organic ice creams at home with high-quality ingredients in an effortless manner. Make smart investments by purchasing quality products at the lowest available prices on Carousell. Commercial ice cream churns, softie machines, and ice cream dispensers are also available in different budgets, conditions, models, sizes, and functional features for customers to choose from on Carousell.

The most common domestic ice cream makers are countertop electric models that come with a usual capacity of 2 litres. Creamed yoghurt makers, ice cream churns, gelato makers, and sorbet machines are some of the common domestic purchases. Some of the products come with complimentary popsicle holders, jelly moulds, and scoops as well. The popular brands in the ice cream maker section on Carousell are Cuisinart, Sunsir, Kitchenaid, and Kenwood. Portable ice cream makers with self-cleaning options and LCD controls are perfectly compact for home kitchens. Not only are these ice-cream makers highly efficient, but they also add to the aesthetics of your kitchen.

The common features in ice cream makers for sale in Singapore on Carousell are dual operating systems – manual and automated, compressor models, pre-freeze bowls, power efficiency, extended durability, and digital control boards, to name a few. Commercial ice cream makers and soft serve dispensers with tank capacities of 20 litres with locking casters, interlocking doors and compartments, freezer doors, and touch screen controls are available alongside domestic 2-litre capacity ice cream makers catering to a wide range of user requirements.

Carousell has the best user-friendly features enhancing the online shopping experience with additional benefits for both buyers and sellers. The Carousell listing policies filter out all discrepancies and connect authentic sellers to genuine buyers, cutting out all middleman commissions and unnecessary expenses. Products from the best brands can be found at the lowest available price in both brand-new and pre-owned conditions. Caroupay and Carousell protection plans ensure safe transactions, and Carousell customer support can help through any step for a pleasurable shopping experience. Track your orders with Carousell codes and have the freedom to choose pickup or delivery options through your preferred courier service by striking an agreement with your buyer/seller. Use Carousell filters to find products that fit within your budget range and preferences.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carousell safe for purchasing ice cream makers?

Carousell has refined listing policies and monitoring systems that keep track of the seller and buyer activities while ratings and reviews can be left on the seller and buyer for future references. The online payment options through Caroupay and Carousell protection plans provide secure and safe transactions for customers. Hence, Carousell is one of the safest online platforms for purchasing ice cream makers in Singapore.

Can I return my purchase on Carousell?

By contacting the seller directly for any discrepancies or damage, and upon agreement, the product can be returned. But any disagreements that are not sorted within seven days will be sorted out by the Carousell customer support team.

What is the cost price of ice cream makers on Carousell?

Mini easy-to-use ice cream makers can cost from S$ 50 to S$ 300, while professional ice cream makers can range from S$ 500 to S$ 1200. The commercial softie machines are also available on Carousell with prices starting from S$ 8000.

What are the brands of ice cream makers found in Carousell?

Cuisinart, Kitchenaid, Sunsir, and Kenwood are the top brands of ice cream makers available on Carousell.

Can I find a warranty card for purchases on Carousell?

Most purchases come with the benefit of a warranty card. The availability of a warranty card on Carousell depends on the seller and the condition of the product. It is essential to clarify all doubts with the sellers before confirming the purchase.

How long does it take for my order to get delivered?

Select products and perishable goods are offered with same-day delivery options from Carousell. The estimated period for delivery is within 7 to 15 days in Singapore.

Is buying a pre-owned ice cream maker a good choice?

Second-hand and pre-owned ice cream makers on Carousell are of premium quality and are in good working conditions. Investing in a second-hand ice cream maker, which is much cheaper, is a good choice to encourage the ice cream enthusiast in you and is also a good investment for your business.

Can I find ISO-certified ice cream makers on Carousell?

Carousell offers a wide range of quality products, including ISO-certified ice cream makers.

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