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New and Used Soundbars, Speakers & Amplifiers for Sale in Singapore

All the electronic gadgets that we use are a source of inevitably increasing e-waste that nature is incapable of degrading. Thus, the waste that is being generated can’t be disposed of, making heaps on the end of this waste consuming a lot of space. Hence, everyone is doing their part in the process of reversing this whole process. Therefore, Carousell, an online shopping platform, came up with the idea of selling pre-owned products along with new products. This will not only be an aid in slowing down the waste generation process, but this will also be helpful for the people who are willing to buy pre-owned items by providing them with authentic sources for their desires to meet.

Carousell offers a wide range of soundbars, speakers, and amplifiers to buyers both in the brand-new and pre-owned options. They can be found on the Carousell website under the Audio category.

The prices are dependent on various factors, the topmost being in which category the item lies, then the manufacturing company, the years of use, the model, and the version of the sound system. While buying a pre-owned product, the prices are lower and the product more affordable. The brands which are listed under this category on Carousell are JBL, Marshall, Cary, Yamaha, Harman, Google, LG, and several others.

If you are someone who is opting for a second-hand product, you have nothing to worry about as all the sellers undergo a verification process before being listed on Carousell. But if you still want to talk to the seller, then you can use the chat window and if the seller is interested you can take the inquiry to offline mode and set up a meeting to get your doubts cleared along with checking the product.

On the other hand, if you are buying a fresh product, make sure that you have read every bit of information given along with the product, like the warranty period, protection policy, and return policy. Only after making sure that you are ready for the deal, make the transaction. This will help in avoiding trouble for both the buyer, seller, and Carousell.

Soundbars, speakers, amplifiers are something that has a long life before they need to be disposed of. What happens sometimes is that the seller moves out of the need for these devices, hence, they feel like selling the product. Some people are in need of these items but are unable to afford them or their requirement is for a very short duration of time, thus buying a pre-owned item will be the best possible solution for the buyer. Thus, the seller will be able to get some amount out of the item, while the buyer will get their needs fulfilled at more reasonable prices.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we get a refund if we apply for one on Carousell?

A refund can be initiated only if the payment was made using the Carousell Protection payment method. The request for a refund can be raised in the Carousell chat if the item purchased has not been delivered, has missing parts, or is of a different variation. The refund is processed within 2 hours if the payment is made via DBS Paylah!, and about 7-10 days for payments made using credit/debit cards.

Does Carousell sell only used products?

No, Carousell deals with both brand-new as well as second-hand products. This is due to the idea of Carousell that wants to save the environment and provide the people with an alternative of buying goods that do not form a dent in the pocket of the customers, and they could have the option of getting the required goods at a lesser price.

Why buy used products when you can buy new ones?

Using used products will not only bring down the stress on the earth but is also a friend to your bank balance. Also, in this way, you also bring the product to its maximum using capacity. Buying new products, on the other hand, is costly and adds to environmental degradation as well. That is why Carousell came up with this joint idea of bringing up the used and new products on the same platform for the customer to buy.

What about the type of delivery that Carousell offers for new soundbars?

One can opt for home delivery or pick-up. Free home delivery is available for purchases made with the Carousell Protection Plan. Whereas, the pick-up option is available at the convenience of the buyer and the seller.

Is free shipping possible for used soundbars available on Carousell?

Yes, free shipping is available on all products, for customers who make their purchases using the Carousell Protection payment method. Buyers can either opt for home delivery or a hand-to-hand delivery option according to their convenience.