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1,000+ Affordable Renovation Services in Singapore

Looking for a reliable service in renovations? Our highly rated service providers and contractors provide service beyond expectations. Browse our huge list of renovations that elevates your home experience through our expert care!

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Renovation Services in Singapore

Carousell Singapore is where you can renovate your desired space and convert it into your dream house! It helps you make your living space super comfy and cool. But figuring out how to make your home awesome might seem a bit tricky. No worries, homeowners! We are here to help you learn and understand everything you need to start making your home look amazing.

We have around 4,000+ renovation contractors and service providers who will help you get the right look for your home!

Why Choose Carousell for Renovations?

Carousell is one of the leading marketplaces with skilled contractors and reputed companies. The ones registered with us are, preferably, through ACRA and licensed. Unlike individual companies, we provide you with a platform with a wide range of contractors to choose from.

With good reviews and high ratings, we are the most trusted platform. You can chat with the service provider directly and get an affordable price for your ask

In Singapore, different types of renovation cater to the various needs of homeowners. Here are some of the popular types:

1. Painting and Wallpaper Installation

We have over 1000+ listings to cater to your needs for painting and wallpaper installation. Our renovators provide a cost-effective painting solution guaranteed to be of high quality. They are highly experienced and are spread across all areas of Singapore to provide you with the finest work. Most likely, customers opt for wallpaper removal and installation along with the painting.

2. HDB Renovation

HDB renovation is one of the popular services in Singapore. We are a one-stop solution for all your requirements. We have a huge list of HDB-approved contractors who follow the rules and regulations set by the government. It includes a range of 2 rooms, 3 rooms, and 4 rooms. We offer it in packages as well.

3. Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has numerous advantages over other flooring types. Hence, it is one of the fast-moving and highly preferred ones in Singapore. We have a broad range of designs, colors, patterns, and textures.

4. Aluminum Work

Window grilles are one of the most popular decorative items. You can locate the finest installers of aluminum window grills with us. They provide durable materials, good design, and guaranteed assistance. Most of them are available 24 hours a day.

5. Carpentry

We have an enormous list of specialized carpenters who offer a friendly price for a wide range of carpentry work for kitchen cabinets, bedrooms, TV consoles, study rooms, etc. We have majorly, direct carpenters who have been associated with us for more than 3 years, with a 5-star rating.

6. Lighting and Electrical Services

If you want to save your electricity bills and have artistic lighting at home, we have a list of trained and EMA-licensed electricians with 4-star ratings and good reviews.

7. Drywall Partition and False Ceiling

Our drywall partition people take care of dismantling and disposal of your old partitions. A false ceiling helps you conceal the wires and cables and also makes sure that it’s soundproof.

8. Interior Design Services

Our interior design companies are versatile and design from modern to country-themed. We have a wide range of 2D & 3D visual artwork, 360-degree design rendering, and more.

One can make a mindful decision based on their requirements. Our renovators and contractors keep up with the latest trends and wisely incorporate into their work. Browse through our huge listings at Carousell and get to choose the best of all at an affordable price to enhance the appearance of your property. We provide a platform for both renovation service providers and clients to build a comfortable and happy living space.

How to Choose the Right Renovation Service on Carousell?

1. Define Your Needs:

Clearly outline the scope of your project and identify specific areas that need attention.

2. Check Credentials:

Ensure the service provider is licensed, insured, and bonded, and check for certifications and industry awards. Check on our websites for their likes, ratings, reviews, and how responsive they are.

3. Experience and Portfolio:

Review their user profile and ensure they have experience in projects similar to your requirements

4. Communication and Collaboration:

Choose the ones who communicate effectively and are willing to collaborate with you.

5. Timeline and Schedule:

Discuss and align the project timeline with your expectations.

6. Quality of Materials:

Inquire about the quality of the materials they plan to use.

By considering the above factors and conducting thorough research, you can make an informed decision for your home improvement project.

Questions to Potential Renovators or Contractors in Singapore

1. Are you a licensed renovation contractor?

2. Can you provide us with a few examples of your completed home projects that are similar in style, room specifications, and budget to what I have in mind?

3. What materials or items will I need to provide for the project?

4. What are the potential challenges and delays that could occur during the home improvement project?

5. Could you provide the start date and end date of the project?

6. Do you charge an hourly rate, a flat rate, use the cost-plus method, or a combination of these methods?

7. If there are changes in costs, whether due to fluctuations in material prices or labor charges or clients or professionals involved, how do you handle those situations and what circumstances might incur additional costs?

Benefits of Renovating Through Carousell:

1. We provide security to the users through our multilayer defense measures

2. As you get to choose from a huge range of contractors, we help you find the right person to enhance the aesthetics of your home

3. Upgrade your home with the help of our highly experienced renovators, which results in an increased property value of up to 70%

4. Our contractors suggest better designs and ideas that help improve functionality and efficiency

5. As our contractors have a lot of customization options according to your budget, they provide you with better renovation services in terms of enhanced comfort and livability

6. Through our highly skilled professionals, you can upgrade your electrical work, fix a leaky roof, repair cracks in walls, and much more. This will take care of your health and safety measurements

As you learned about the popular renovation types, benefits, probable questions to ask the companies, and how to choose the right professional, what are you waiting for? Select from our wide range of renovators and get in contact with them personally for a reasonable price based on your requirements

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. What sets Carousell apart from other renovation services?

Carousell has a crew of trained, certified, and licensed contractors who ensure first-class service to the customers. We are committed to safeguarding our users. We have a multilayer defense in i) Taking proactive measures to prevent dishonest actors from deceiving users; ii) Responding promptly to any indication of fraudulent activity; iii) Raising user awareness of scams; and iv) Collaborating with external stakeholders and authorities to share information and best practices.

2. How can I book for renovations on Carousell?

  1. You can spot listings of renovations under Home services or use the search bar on Homepage
  2. Browse through thousands of listings suitable for your requirement
  3. Get in contact with multiple contractors through our chat section on the website. Log in with us, if you are a non-logged in user
  4. Chat with them. Compare among other providers and get a reasonable price for your ask. If you come across any problems with the chat experience, you can raise a request here

3. How long does a renovation project usually take if you are registered through Carousell?

A full home renovation which includes modification of electrical and plumbing, interior design, etc can take somewhere around 8 to 12 months depending on the size of the project. Timelines depend on the complexity of the project.

If it includes fixing new kitchen cabinetry, repainting, replacing windows, and replacing tiles, then it would take from a few weeks to several months

4. What time can a renovation start in Singapore if we go through Carousell?

Our contractors follow the government rules and regulations. For a basic requirement, it usually takes between 8 am to 6 pm daily. Any noisy renovations like hacking demolition and drilling works carry out from 9 am to 5 pm daily on weekdays.

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