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New and Used Refrigerators & Freezers for Sale in Singapore

Finding the best deals on top-quality refrigerators and freezers is now made easy through Carousell. The best deals and offers in terms of price, quality, condition, and model for refrigerators and freezers for sale in Singapore can be accessed through the click of a button on Carousell. Connect with several sellers to avail the best available offers. From completing your home kitchen with the best refrigerator in Singapore to propelling your business with commercial quality freezer units and display freezers, Carousell caters to your every freezer need. Browse through multiple models from different brands to filter out your best-suited product.

Mini fridge, commercial fridge, blast freezers, freezer display units, bar fridge, smart fridge, wine coolers, and counter chillers are some of the options at your disposal on Carousell. Find brands like LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Mitsubishi, Bosch, Midea, and Electrolux at the lowest available market prices.

Portable mini-fridges with long-duration charge retaining systems in multiple decorative colors are found alongside domestic multi-door refrigerators are some of the common domestic purchases on Carousell. Different sizes and models can be fitted in any kitchen space in different color options for the benefit of choice, and bold designs, materials, and finishes can be analyzed before your purchase through Carousell’s filters. The standard top freezer model, or the novelty bottom freezer trend, the side-by-side double door fridge, or the French door model, find anything and everything that will fit in your budget.

Rectangular showcase displays with built-in cooling systems available in multi-tier options, ventilated systems, built-in lighting, energy-saving systems, and curved glass models for confectionery display and automated temperature controls are available on Carousell. Upright chillers, ice machines, cooling displays, chest freezers, mini storage cold rooms, under-counter blast chillers are some of the commercial product options for your business.

Refrigerators for sale on Carousell are listed at an approximate starting price of S$110. Heavily-used, moderately used, and like new refrigerators are available at the affordable price range around S$100, and higher according to the brand, condition, size, and other significant factors.

Carousell connects buyers and sellers directly, eliminating unnecessary extra expenses and the exploitation of the middleman. The Carousell filters help you find the best-suited products for you. Navigate through price ranges, conditions of brand-new or pre-owned models, and more. Carousell offers free shipping and safe money transfers. The Carousell listing policies eliminate all discrepancies in products, buyers, and sellers, thus permitting only authentic traders. Carousell also issues additional benefits of free installation on select products. Warranty cards and other documents need to be verified before the purchase is confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carousell safe purchasing refrigerators and freezers?

Carousell offers the best listing policies that narrow down the best sellers and products. The feedback and reports are taken very seriously, thus giving the buyer a perspective on the authenticity of their potential purchase. The Caroupay and Carousell protection plans ensure the safe transaction of purchase that only permits the transfer of money after the buyer confirms the safe delivery of promised quality of the product. Hence Carousell is a safe platform to buy refrigerators and freezers.

How much does the refrigerator cost on Carousell?

The price range is diverse and varies from brand, model, size, features, and condition of the purchase. It can go as low as S$ 80 for mini portable freezers and can be as high as S$ 11,000 for commercial-size blast freezer units.

Can I return my purchase on Carousell?

Carousell does not entertain returns or refunds. All doubts need to be clarified before the purchase is confirmed. However, any discrepancies in the product can be bargained with the seller for returns and settled within 7 days. The Carousell customer support will intervene if needed to assist a smooth agreement.

What are the best brands for refrigerators in Carousell?

Carousell displays the leading brands in the refrigerators and freezers market. The most popular brands on Carousell are LG, Panasonic, Samsung, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Bosch, Midea, and several more.

Does Carousell offer free shipping for refrigerators and freezers?

Carousell offers free shipping for most products within the specified locations. The option of pickup is also available in case the buyer and seller wish to.

Do I get a warranty for refrigerators on Carousell?

Depending on the sellers and the condition of the refrigerators, the availability of warranty and other benefits need to be discussed and confirmed with the seller before placing the purchase.

Can I cancel my purchase order on Carousell?

The option to cancel a purchase exists as long as the seller has not confirmed or accepted the purchase offer.

What type of refrigerators are popular on Carousell?

Carousell has all kinds of refrigerators in both brand new and pre-owned conditions, for both domestic and commercial purposes. The most popular purchases include the double French door model refrigerators, chest freezers, mini bar fridge, and display coolers.