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In this advancing world of tech, there is an immense need for gadgets increasing every day. Whether the gadgets are basic or complex, due to the desire to keep up with the latest tech, there is an increase in the generation of electronic waste, causing harm to the environment. To overcome this, Carousell helps the customers in Singapore to buy second-hand products so that their need and desire is fulfilled while causing minimal to no damage to the environment.

Printers, scanners, and copiers fall in the category of tech gadgets. These are some of the basic gadgets required often, especially in offices, colleges, and schools. The prices of these devices depend on the manufacturing company, the advancement in the features, and the level of the gadget you are opting for. While these are the prices that are dependent on the company, the prices of second-hand printers range from S$ 10 to S$ 40 as per the seller's requirements. As printers are the most common of the three, there are chances that you might encounter more variations in the price than that of scanners and copiers. Prices of printers also change along with the number of inks being used.

If we talk about the models and the company and the time of use, the seller mentions every detail of the product, but if the buyer still has some questions, they can ask them from the seller and make sure that they clear them. Even Carousell advises the customers to look at the warranty, durability period, and usage period before making the final transactions. There are options for both the type of delivery, whether hand-to-hand or home delivery.

While printers, scanners, and copiers use different types of technology as their working principle, making sure that you are opting for the right type is advised. The best way to grab the perfect deal is to use the filters to get only the list of products that fit your needs.

Coming to scanners, they can be combined with printers and can be brought along as well. The prices for used scanners might vary from S$ 10 to S$ 20. But you can buy a combination of the two: the printer and the scanner at the same price. So, making sure that you are making the right deal is necessary.

Moving to the transaction process, one must check the warranty, durability, and usage period. Also, the customers get the option of hand-to-hand delivery and doorstep delivery as per the customer's suitability. One can even ask for valid documents or contact them directly if the contact information is provided. This makes it a bit more feasible for both the buyer and the seller.

Apart from all this, you can buy fresh printers, scanners, and copiers without worrying about getting them mixed with the used ones. These two are different categories and are worked differently so that such issues don't arise in the first place. Many people are confused if Carousell offers both the services, then yes, both second-handing and fresh purchase is possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How much does a second-hand printer cost on Carousell?

The cost of a second-hand printer might vary from $10 to $40, whereas the fresh printer might cost up to $80 as per the prices offered by the company. The prices will also change as per the added accessories and sidekicks such as the ink bottles, attaching devices, and other such things. The prices also vary with the type of principle used for the printer.

Is free shipping possible?

Yes, free shipping is something that Carousell offers to its customers. Saying that everything is offered on free shipping will be wrong as certain scenarios are required to be inspected for the same. While most of the products are equipped with free shipping, there are chances of getting shipping prices if you cannot meet the requirements for it.

Is buying safely at Carousell?

They are also safe as they are registered and licensed businesses making them a more trustable source. They are highly equipped with instructions and rules, making used product purchases free from frauds and faults.

Will Carousell refund my money?

If the product falls under the Carousell protection category, you don't have to worry about getting your purchase refunded under certain conditions. One needs to make sure about all the details of the products before you set yourself to buy the product. Read the schemes and the associated aspects carefully.

Are second-hand devices risky to buy at Carousell?

Carousell is a safe place to buy both used and new goods. Carousell has rules and instructions to protect both the consumer and the seller from fraud and incompatible products. Second-hand products are well mentioned and clear with their specifications so that there is no space for any mishappening.

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