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New and Used PlayStation Games & Consoles for Sale in Singapore

PlayStation has always been a worldwide favourite, especially for their exclusive games. Finding your favourite games can be difficult as they are often sold out in stores, and restocking takes time. Scrambling through multiple shops to find that one game can get tedious. Coming to your rescue, Carousell empowers you to get your favourite PlayStation gaming CDs to your doorstep. Find quality new and used PlayStation games and consoles for sale in Singapore on Carousell. Your favourite PlayStation games are available in a more affordable budget range as second-hand or pre-owned products on Carousell. Get the same gaming experience at a pocket-friendly price.

Every PlayStation model – PS3, PS4, PS5, and even the older versions have their own set of speciality games. The most widely purchased PlayStation games are GTA, Fallout, Diablo, FIFA, Uncharted, Naruto, Metal Gear, Streetfighter, Alien Shooter, and Dragon Ball Z. God of war, Death stranding, Ghost of Tsushima, Devil May Cry, and The Last of Us are some of the latest releases that are found in Carousell. The older CDs and outdated games are much cheaper and often found as second-hand or used games. Mafia, Final Fantasy, Back For Blood, Yakuza, Hades, Auto Modellista, Kingdom Hearts, and Tales of Arise are the lesser popular yet high-rated PlayStation Games available on Carousell. Games CDs for all PlayStation models – PS3, PS4, and PS5 on Carousell can be specified using the compatibility filters. PSP games CDs which are mostly out of stock elsewhere can be found in perfect condition on Carousell.

Find more than just games on Carousell. Gaming accessories and equipment like dual sense controllers, charging stations, PS on-desk camera, wireless Sony pulse headset, PlayStation media remote, motion-detecting controllers, and more are found in both new and used conditions on Carousell. Compare multiple sellers for the same product and find the cheapest offer. Carousell also has PlayStation games like Just Dance, Batman, Until Dawn, Tumble, Rez infinite, Tethered, Archangel, and Surgeon Simulator are rare in the markets but easily found in Carousell.

Carousell provides a safe platform for buyers and sellers to connect online for both new and used products. The absence of middleman commission and fees ensures the cheapest deals and offers for quality products. The listing policies and strict regulations that Carousell follows to maintain user decorum allow the most authentic buyers and sellers to meet. The Caroupay and Carousell protection plan features enable safe transactions. The buyer and seller have the liberty to pick their own mutually preferred mode of delivery or pick-up. The payment options are also made possible through both debit and credit on VISA and Mastercard as well as DBSPaylah. Carousell offers free shipping for select products. Adjustable filters help you find your best buy.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to purchase a PlayStation on Carousell?

Carousell is one of the safest and user-friendly online platforms for selling and buying new and used products. The Carousell listing policies are designed to permit only the best and authentic products. Any discrepancies or reports of products or users who pose a threat to the authenticity of the platform are scrutinized immediately.

Are refunds available for returned products on Carousell?

Returns are permitted only if the products are damaged, defective or untrue to their descriptions, and the payment is made using the protection plan. Any issues not sorted within 7 days will be dealt with by the Carousell support team.

How much does a PlayStation game set cost on Carousell?

The prices vary depending on the condition and model of the PlayStation. The gaming CDs can cost from S$ 20 to S$ 50. The older versions in pre-owned conditions can be priced around S$ 150, while the latest versions in brand new conditions can cost around S$ 600 or more.

Which are the most popular PlayStation games available on Carousell?

The most popular PlayStation games on Carousell are GTA, Gods Of War, The Last Of Us, FIFA, Resident Evil Series, Final Fantasy, Ghost, Spiderman, Assassin’s Creed Series, Battlefield, Uncharted, Call of Duty, and Rocket League.

Can I track my order on Carousell?

Through Carousell, the buyer and seller can pick their mutually preferred mode of delivery or pick-up and courier company. SingPost offers codes that can help track the delivery of your order.

What gaming accessories and attachable equipment of PlayStation are available on Carousell?

Controllers, charging systems, headsets, motion sensors, PS cam, PlayStation VR, and consoles are some of the common gaming accessories available on Carousell.

Can I pick my order directly from the seller?

If both the buyer and seller agree, they can opt to pick up their purchased order.

Are the prices on Carousell negotiable?

The negotiability of the products is exclusive to the sellers. Not all sellers are comfortable with negotiating their prices.