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New and Used Tripods & Monopods for Sale in Singapore

Tripods and monopods are among the most common camera accessories of rubber, plastic, and metal, which act as supporters and stand for a camera. These tripods and monopods are important to take a shot without any sort of vibrations or jerks. While tripods have three legs, a monopod has a single stand and needs support from a photographer/videographer for standing still to take the shot.

As mentioned earlier, these are made up of some non-biodegradable substances, which put a lot of pressure on nature to break down these elements. Plus, buying a camera is in itself a big expense with that if users buy its accessories like these tripods and monopods, it will be like forming a big hole in the pockets. But these accessories are very important for individuals who are planning to enter this field professionally. There is one option that can be implemented to overcome both the environmental issue and the cost; this is to buy pre-owned tripods and monopods.

Carousell made it even easier to buy second-hand products. Carousell Singapore is a leading online platform that helps in buying fresh products and is also very helpful in accessing sellers who are willing to sell their items, which are in good shape and can work well for some more years. Carousell came up with this idea for both the environment and the people who require an alternative to these expensive gadgets and accessories.

Not only can customers get tripods and monopods but get a very wide range of photography and videography products along with cameras, lenses, camera bags, artificial lights, filters, and whatnot. All these accessories of the camera are available on Carousell in both new and used conditions. While new products are costlier than pre-owned products, they have the advantage of being fresh pieces while the pre-owned is cheaper but used beforehand.

If you are considering buying a brand-new tripod or monopod, you can easily do that at Carousell with many companies, brands, and models to choose from; there is also the filter option where you can choose your specification. Some of the most popular brands available are Nikon, Vanguard, Celestron, Nimble, Geekoto, Manfrotto, Canon, and others. The price range for these accessories starts from S$15 for a simple stand to over S$ 500 professional-quality travel tripods.

All the information regarding the good is given there, which, as a buyer, you need to go through. Apart from that, there is also information like the return policy, the warranty period, the durability, and so on. Thus, before making the final transaction, one must check them for confirmation.

Coming to the purchase of pre-owned products, then you find them on Carousell and look for the images and product details. Though the papers and product are both checked by the team of Carousell, if you wish to get more information regarding these tripods and monopods, you can simply talk to the seller through the chat window and get the questions solved.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the expected price of a tripod?

The prices for monopods and tripods are subject to their type, category, model and brand. This will also depend on the type of camera you are buying for, the height variability, and so on. Thus, we can’t give a fixed price.

Is Carousell a platform for only used items?

No, Carousell sells both new and pre-owned products. Both our services are competent and quality equipped. Both departments are separate and are looked after by different staff members. There is nothing like we are focused on one aspect and not the other.

Will Carousell help with a refund of a returned product?

Yes, Carousell will provide you with a refund only if the item is bought using the protection policy, and if the item purchased has not been delivered, has missing parts, or is of a different variation, color, model, version, or size.

The Carousell Protection payment method offers the customers free shipping, hassle-free returns, and refunds, as well as secured transactions.

Is free shipping possible with Carousell?

Yes, free shipping is something that Carousell offers to its customers. However, saying that everything is offered on free shipping will be wrong as certain scenarios are required to be inspected for the same. While most of the products are equipped with free shipping, there are chances of getting shipping prices if you are unable to meet the requirements for it.

What about the authenticity of the seller?

If you are someone buying used products, don’t be afraid of the seller. Carousell makes sure that they do that for you. Make sure that the sellers have all the information and legal information and everything, then only they are allowed to put up their products for sale. And if fresh products are considered, they too come from authentic sources that the customers can trust.

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