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New and Used Ovens and Toasters for Sale in Singapore

Unlock several more dishes and easier recipes by getting yourself the best ovens and toasters in Singapore. Serve the cooking and baking enthusiast in you by gifting yourself or your loved ones with one of the most useful kitchen equipment. Ovens and toasters are mandatory kitchen appliances that help you make easy meals, heat existing dishes, bake your cake and grill your own oil-free healthy meat dishes. Indulge in different cuisines by putting your new oven to good use. Carousell connects you to the best ovens and toasters for sale in Singapore.

The numerous varieties in oven models make it a difficult appliance to purchase. But Carousell helps navigate through the different uses and features that each oven type offers so you can make a purchase that best suits you. The 4 basic ovens are the conventional oven, the OTG (oven toaster grill), convection oven, and microwave oven. Carousell also has dual functionality oven models like the microwave-convection oven. Commercial deck ovens, combi, and conveyor ovens in both new and used conditions can be found.

Sandwich makers, pop toasters, and commercial grillers are some of the common finds in Carousell. Numerous settings like reheat, crumb trays, defrost, toast shade determiners, timers, temperature controls, and multi-racks are distributed features. Depending on your toaster needs, cross-verify the features and functionality to find your best fit.

Ovens specific to the functionality such as bread makers, toaster and grillers, pizza ovens, waffles, reheaters, defrosting, our cakes need to be kept in mind. Based on everyday usage demands, oven capacity and power consumption are some of the features the buyer needs to check before making the payment.

Carousell constantly evaluates and updates its listing policies to feature the best products, offers, buyers, and sellers on the same platform. The Caroupay and Carousell protection plans make it easier and safer to make transactions. Carousell's support team offers assistance to sort out any misunderstandings or issues. There are Carousell filters to find the best products of your preference. Warranty cards, installation services, free shipping, and other benefits need to be clarified before confirming the purchase. Through Carousell, buyers and sellers in Singapore can now directly connect without losing any budget cuts or commissions with middlemen transfers.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to purchase ovens and toasters in Carousell?

Carousell is one of the safest platforms to buy brand-new and pre-owned ovens and toasters for sale in Singapore. The Carousell listing policies bring the best products, best deals, and offers, authentic buyers, and sellers to the same platform. The Caroupay and Carousell protection plan makes the transaction safer.

Can I get refunds for my returned purchases on Carousell?

All customers are requested to check with the seller, all the documents, products, price, and variations before making the payment. However, if the items are not true to their listing descriptions or those delivered with missing parts, defects, and damages they can be returned after contacting the sellers for refund options. This can be done if the buyer is a subscriber of the Carousell Protection Plan. The plan offers hassle-free returns and refunds for purchases, along with free shipping and secured transactions.

If the refund is not initiated, or the issue with the order is not sorted within 7 days, the issue will be escalated to the Carousell Support team for further action.

What is the price range for ovens and toasters in Carousell?

Double convection commercial ovens with tall unit racks can cost up to S$ 30,000, while double-deck bakery ovens can cost up to S$ 400, while domestic OTG and microwave ovens can be priced at S$ 200. The brand, model, size, oven capacity, and type of oven and toaster – domestic or commercial, determine the price range.

What brand ovens and toasters are available in Carousell?

Bosch, Mayer, Brandt, Elba, Mistral, and Tefal are some of the top brands in the ovens and toasters section of Carousell.

Do I get free shipping from Carousell in Singapore?

Carousell offers free shipping for selected products to delivery locations within the vicinity of Singapore city. The seller and buyer can choose their most convenient delivery, pick-up, or drop to complete the product purchase and delivery.

Does Carousell ship internationally?

Carousell does not ship products internationally. Each Carousell website designated to the respective country (for example – Singapore, Malaysia, India, Philippines, etc.) delivers products within that specified location only, thus connecting locally available buyers and sellers.

What type of ovens and toasters can I find on Carousell?

Carousell has a collection of commercial and domestic kitchen equipment under the ovens and toasters section.

How can I contact Carousell customer support?

The Carousell app and website for Singapore have an easy and accessible live chats option and a 'submit request' button to avail direct connection with the Carousell support team.

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