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New and Used Monitor Screens for Sale in Singapore

With the environment degrading at an astonishing speed, using second-hand tech products is one of the most doable answers to this predicament.  Purchasing second-hand products is an easy way to slow down the deterioration on an individual level.

Carousell offers a convenient platform for this step, complete with providing you a full-time peace of mind of buying authentic, quality products from verified and reliable sellers. While brand new products are not always very friendly to the pocket, used products can be very easy on the budget and friendly to the environment, which makes them a great option in current times.

There are many tech products, both used and fresh, which are sold at Carousell. Not only are they the basic products, but their accessories and other helping parts too can be bought from here. To name a few, you can get laptops, mouses, keyboards, printers, projectors, mobile phones, wi-fi routers, and so the list goes on. All the products are from distinguished brands such as Dell, Samsung, HP, and so on.

Out of the huge range of products that Carousell offers is the computer monitor. A used monitor ranges somewhere around S$100 depending on the brand and the years it has been used. Not only monitors, but one can also buy monitor accessories such as a monitor holder, monitor protector, etc. Other items can be bought together, such as the keyboards, remote control if the monitor is equipped with that feature, wi-fi routers, and many more.

While buying new or used products, one can apply filters to get their desired results, and thus, the list will be renewed according to their requirements. You can filter out the price and the company, years of warranty, protection check, and many others from the list mentioned.

While many people hesitate to buy used goods, Carousell takes special care so that the sellers authenticate and that their products are in the right state to be sold. With verifications and instructions given to the sellers, there are no scopes for fraud or faults. While this is about used products, the fresh products too can be customized according to the buyer's requirement if the dealer or the seller is offering that service.

Both types of monitors, whether new or used, come in various sizes and resolutions; you can easily choose the one from the list or get it filtered for yourself. From 21 inches to 16 inches, there are almost all the sizes available under all the prestigious brands. While this is all covered, let us have a look at how one can make a deal.

Before you make the transactions, be sure about the warranty period, the durability, the protection policy, and all the questions you have. If you are buying a used product, make sure you get all your queries solved. If the seller's contact information is given, you can directly contact them and get your concerns clear. You can either book your product to be delivered at your doorsteps, or you can make a hand-to-hand delivery with the seller. Make sure that you have had all the required information, and legal papers, and all that stuff.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can we have free shipping?

Yes, many products fall under the category of free shipping. The information will be provided to you before you make any deal. Make sure you read all the details and instructions before taking the final step.

Is it safe to buy with Carousell?

Yes, it is safe to buy at Carousell. This is an authentic site, both registered and licensed. All the sellers and dealers are authentic, and they are made to submit the legal papers so that there is no scope for fraud. Carousell makes it a point to check on both the seller and the buyer to make sure that there is no fraud or fault that surfaces to create trouble.

Can I get a refund at Carousell?

Yes, but only if the product is registered under the protection policy. Thus, we urge the customers to make sure that they have read all the required information before making the deal for themselves.

Is buying on Carousell easy?

Unlike any other website, buying at Carousell is easy. A customer is required to keep track of information displayed for them, make sure that what they are doing is what they want, and finally clear all their doubts before the transaction is important.

What to keep in mind while buying used products from Carousell?

Your needs and requirements are of primary importance to us. At Carousell, we value your concerns and apprehensions and do our best to resolve them through various means, before you make a purchase. Please make sure that you read all the information, product description, reviews, and FAQs regarding the product, payment and delivery before making a decision from your end.

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