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Used Windows Tablets for Sale in Singapore

The growth and development of the electronics industry have doubled with the heavy demand and affordable substitutes. Consumerism is foreseen to push the total revenue of the electronics market to 650 million US dollars in 2022. Everyone nowadays desires to own the latest of the high-tech gadgets in the market, but of course, it is not possible to fit such expensive electronics into the monthly budget. Nor is the idea of buying new electronics so frequently is environment friendly.

The trend of buying second-hand phones, tablets, and other gadgets at a much cheaper and affordable price has slowly transformed into a significant chunk of the Singapore economy.

Keeping that in mind, the second-hand electronics market in Singapore has risen over the last few years, for people who like experiencing technology on a budget as well as helping the environment.

Carousell aims to provide such technology enthusiasts with the best experience in buying quality electronics, at reasonable prices be it second-hand or brand new.

Under the Mobile Phones and Gadgets option on the Carousell website, in the sub-category of “Tablets”, you can find second-hand as well as brand new windows tablet for sale in Singapore. Brands like Microsoft, Lenovo, and HP are powered with Windows operating system, starting at the cost of S$100 or more according to the brand, condition of the listed product and specifications opted for by the buyer.

A Windows tablet is suited best for professionals who require office applications, a high-speed processor to accommodate heavy software, and an array of extensive screen sizes. The tablets are equipped with a minimum of 2GB RAM, 8GB of internal storage, and 32 GB of expandable external storage through SD Cards. The appliances are supported by excellent battery life, Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity, back and front cameras, and high resolution 7 inch or greater screens.

Its multi-window facility is a game-changer for tablets since this feature is seldom provided in any of the android or iOs tablets. Most of the Windows tablet are powered by Microsoft’s Windows 10, with no additional cost for the users. This version of Windows supports the tablets during multi-tasking and heavy usage.

Most of the Windows tablet comes embedded with Pen Support, in the core of the operating system providing free movement and smooth functioning of the stylus. Few windows tablets from Lenovo support pen or pencil of any brand, which is really convenient and often more affordable for the users.

The Windows Tablets for sale on Carousell are accompanied by charging cables, fast chargers, tablet covers for minimal or no extra cost.

Carousell provides rapid and safe delivery services, with free shipping options for the subscribers of Carousell Protection. The Protection plan and listing policies are designed for the peace of mind of the customers and to prevent online frauds.

The option of Meet-up and mailing of the orders is provided to both the parties, for a care-free purchase.

The instant chat option of the website allows the buyer to contact the seller, and carry out secured transactions. However, sellers can also be contacted directly with their provided contact details on the listing page.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is it safe to buy a Windows tablet on Carousell?

The latest deals and best offers on electronics in Singapore can be found on Carousell. For an enhanced experience, and customers’ safety Carousell monitors and verifies all its sellers and the genuineness of the listed products. The Carousell Protection Plan provides a further shielded environment to its subscribers to ensure a reliable transaction through trusted payment options, along with free shipping.

How much does a Windows Tablet cost you on Carousell?

In today’s date, a lot of tablets are available in the market, that run on the Windows operating system. Every brand has its unique features and specifications, that are responsible for determining the price of the product. The pricing of the tablet also depends on the RAM, the storage and memory, screen size and resolution, quality of camera, etc. However, the cost of an average Windows tablet can vary from a minimum of S$100 for a second-hand tablet to S$1500 as per its condition.

Can I get a refund on Carousell?

It is very simple to request a refund on Carousell if you are a Carousell Protection Plan subscriber, and the item purchased has not been delivered, or is of a different variation, color, version, etc. The buyer can raise the request in the Carousell online chat with the seller, cite the issue with the product, and get his money back within 7-10 days of the purchase.

Can I track my order on Carousell?

Buyers can track their orders through regular notifications and updates from Carousell via messages or email on the registered contact details, from the time of dispatch of the consignment till it is delivered.

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