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New and Used Sony Android Phones for Sale in Singapore

The Sony Android phones are nothing short of the excellence that they have delivered in all their other products. Sony has excelled in delivering premium quality televisions sets, home theatre systems, car audio units, cameras, headphones, PlayStation, and more. The Sony Android phone sales are predicted to increase by 25% in the upcoming year. Their dedication to providing quality services resulted in them selling more than 2.9 million units in the past year. Smartphones have become a staple serving more than one function. The more features that a model offers, the better the success rate of that phone model. Sony has understood the need to accommodate multiple options like high storage, high processing operating systems, excelling camera quality, high-resolution quality for display, and sleek design.

Carousell features a list of all Sony phone models named under the Xperia series. The Sony phones are dedicated to offering multiple functions to the users. The latest Sony releases like the Xperia Pro1 have an image sensor camera, phase detection, and dual aperture lens for professional-looking camera features. The Xperia 1 III has four lens options with real-time eye AF and tracking. The Xperia 1 II has ultra-fast focus features in its triple camera facility. The variation in-camera features give you a choice to pick a Sony Android phone that best fits your photography needs, especially for content creators, bloggers, vloggers, and smartphone photographers. Most of the latest Sony phone models are both water and dust-resistant.

Variation in processor strength, resolution, and storage capacity also pose comfortable variation in choice for people who are going to use their Sony phone for gaming, office work, streaming, etc. Xperia pro 1 III, Xperia 5 III, Xperia 1 III, 10 III, 5 II, 1 II, and 10 II models have the 21:9 ratio OLED display.

Most new Sony Android phones on Carousell come with complementary accessories like charger cable, wall plugs, earphones, basic phone case, and screen protector. Carousell offers several products that are compatible with Sony Android phones, including the vlog monitor stands, phone covers withstand attachments, style covers with view screens, fast charge cables, Bluetooth earphones, headsets, and more.

Carousell offers the best deals on good-quality products. Carousell filters help you navigate through the multiple products so you can compare the same products provided by the different sellers. Carousell protection plan offers free delivery, refund, and return policies. Carousell provides freedom of choice to the buyer and seller for payment and delivery options. Credit and debit card payments from VISA and Mastercard, as well as online payments through DBSPaylah, are accepted on Carousell. The delivery options can be chosen with buyer-seller both mutually in agreement, where you can pick your preferred courier company and pick-up options. Warranty cards, documents, and other accessories need to be discussed with the seller before confirming your purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is buying a Sony Android phone on Carousell safe?

Yes, Carousell is a safe option for shopping for both new and used Sony phones. The certified phone collections on Carousell offer approved and checked quality second-hand or pre-owned phones in perfect working conditions. The listing policies are dedicated to displaying only the best deals from the most authentic sellers and products. The Carousell protection plan ensures extra security on your transactions.

Do I get returns or refunds for Sony Android phones on Carousell?

All products bought using the Carousell Protection Plan come with the option of 7-day return and refund. The product can be opted for returning only if it is damaged, with any defects, or does not match the product description.

How much do Sony Android phones cost on Carousell?

The prices for Sony Android phones tend to vary depending on the model and condition. The lower range basic models like Xperia XA ultra in pre-owned condition can cost around S$100 or more. The higher models like Sony Xperia 1 III 5G can cost around S$1,600.

What are the popular Sony Android phone models on Carousell?

The Sony Android phone series found on Carousell are Sony X, Sony Z, and Sony M. The popular models are Sony Z3, Xperia 1 III, Xperia 1 II, Xperia 5, XZ Premium, Sony Compact, and Sony Z3.

Do I get free delivery for a Sony phone purchased on Carousell?

All products bought under the Carousell protection plan come with free delivery.

What is a Carousell certified pre-owned Sony phone?

Carousell’s certified pre-owned or second-hand Sony phones are checked and authorized for proper working conditions and come with 7-day return policies and a 12-month warranty.

What are the best features of Sony Android phones on Carousell?

Sony Android phones are one of the top 10 best Android phone brands. Sony is known for its high functioning processor, onboard storage capacity, powerful cameras, and 4k resolution.

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