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New and Used Motorola Phones for Sale in Singapore

Smartphones that come with top-tier camera quality, high-level processors, fast charging, high storage capacity, and a wide choice of models at different price ranges are getting easier to come by. The global smartphone industry has expanded in the past few years, with each brand advertising its principal feature. Motorola has been one such brand with its high quality yet affordable phone models. Motorola has sold more than 70 million pieces only in their G series since its launch and is still continuing its production line. The company also secured its title as the top unlocked phone brand in the US. Gaining more global exposure for their great deals, Motorola had been absorbed by Lenovo but is making a comeback with another release in its G series.

The latest Moto E20 comes with a 1.6Ghz octa-core processor, 2GB RAM, a dual-camera setup, and a high resolution of 720*1600 pixels, costing more than S$1500. The MotoPure and MotoStylus models come with 5G accommodations and ultra-wide display features, while the MotoPower models come with a minimum two-day battery capacity.

The Moto G100 is a perfect example of Motorola excellence and is one of the latest releases. It has a quad rear cam and dual front cam features to enable multiple photo and video options. The Motorola edge 20pro, which is another bestseller, comes at a lower price range and mid-range specifications. The Moto G30, G10, and G50 are perfect competitors within the company for their large screens, long-lasting battery, and camera quality. On the higher price range, the Motorola Razr is foldable with 256GB storage and a hinge system that keeps the OLED screen intact when opening. It costs the highest at around S$1500 or more and is still sorted out by people just for its captivating design. The Motorola edge plus model, also priced in the high range of S$ 900 or more, is a limited model with an 865 Snapdragon processor and 256GB storage. The lesser popular Moto M, G, Z, and E models, some of which are not in production, can be found on Carousell as second-hand certified phones.

Carousell is a user-friendly virtual meeting ground for buyers and sellers. Listings are filtered out to give you access to only the best deals and most authentic products and sellers. The online chat option enables you to communicate with the seller directly, cutting out all middleman interference and commissions. Payment through debit, credit, and online mode through VISA, Mastercard, and DBSPaylah respectively are permitted on Carousell. The buyer gets the liberty to choose their preferred courier company for delivery and can opt for pick up or meet up too. Certified phone collections come with a 7-day return policy and a 12-month guarantee for second-hand phone products.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is buying Motorola phones on Carousell safe?

Yes, Carousell provides safe encounters, the means for secure transactions, and monitored listings that make it safe to purchase Motorola phones. The Carousell protection plan provides extra security, and Carousell’s certified phones come with additional perks.

Are we allowed to return our Motorola phone purchase on Carousell?

Products bought using the Carousell protection plan can be returned on the conditions that they are either damaged, defective, or not matching their description.

How much do Motorola phones cost on Carousell?

The price varies depending on the condition and models. Motorola Z in the used condition can cost S$ 100, while the latest Motorola Razr 2 in the brand-new condition can cost around S$ 1,600.

Do I get free shipping for Motorola phone purchases on Carousell?

All products bought under the Carousell protection plan come with the perk of free delivery. Some sellers may offer free delivery services. Use the Carousell filter ‘free shipping’ to find such sellers. Contact them regarding the same before confirming your purchase.

What Motorola models can I find on Carousell?

All Motorola models from the older versions that are no longer in production to the latest launches in the market can be found on Carousell in both new and used conditions. The Motorola series like Razr, Moto E, Edge, G, M, One, X, A, and Z are the popular Motorola series on Carousell.

Are second-hand Motorola phones a good choice on Carousell?

Second-hand Motorola phones on Carousell are a great buy. The certified Motorola phones collection on Carousell comes with approved working condition phones with a 7-day return policy and a 12-month warranty for second-hand products. Get the perks of a Motorola phone at a much lower price on Carousell.

What are the free accessories that I get with Motorola phone purchase on Carousell?

Almost all new Motorola phones come with free accessories like a wall plug, charger cable, earphones, screen protector, and phone case. Please confirm with the seller before placing the order.

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