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New and Used Asus Phones for Sale in Singapore

The environment is suffering, and the cause is the rapid generation of electronic waste, which is generally non-degradable. Thus, there is a need that a step should be taken to ensure that the environment is no longer suffering and is healing. Not only is the environment suffering, but these electronic gadgets are costly and form a dent in the bank balance. So, to overcome these two problems together, Carousell introduced its leading online marketplace for the sale and purchase of used products that still have many years of usage left in them. Along with pre-owned items, Carousell also facilitates the sale and purchase of brand new products for the users.

To offer the buyers considerable peace of mind, the sellers are verified by Carousell, and the documents about their credentials are also checked. With rising demand for affordable electronic gadgets, Carousell lists several categories of products with different companies, models, colours, and versions available. One of the most popular categories is that of Asus Phones.

You can get some amazing deals at Carousell in the category of Asus phones, where you have a long list of options to choose from, including the Zenfone and ROG series. Available storage options are 64 GB or below, 128 GB, 256 GB, and 512 GB. Also, there is the option of filters that can be applied as per your need; this will shorten the list and will show items that are appropriate to your needs. The price range for a used ASUS phone can start from as low as S$ 50 for a used model and can go up to S$ 1,100 for a new ROG phone.

There are many attractive deals available on this leading online shopping platform. Along with Asus phones, you can grab some amazing deals on accessories for Asus phones, such as phone covers, phone stands, screen guards, earplugs, headphones, and many others. Not only pre-owned models, but you can also buy fresh and brand-new goods on Carousell. The authenticity of the company cannot be doubted as there are many specialists who work to ensure that everything goes well. Also, there are some very strict policies that are required to be followed at all times by both the user and seller. If found hindering them, the user might face trouble.

Buying pre-owned goods at Carousell is very much secure along with being user-friendly. As soon as you are ready to buy an item, you can read all the information provided by the seller or can even use the chat window provided there to contact the seller. If the seller is willing, you can also go offline where you can check the product; if everything goes well, you can have a hand-to-hand delivery.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carousell a safe place to buy used items?

Yes, Carousell is safe as it is an authentic platform that has both the license and permission from the authorities to carry out this work. If we talk about the seller and the buyers, then Carousell has some strict policies that are required to be followed by them at any cost. Similarly, when a seller puts up their product for sale, then they are required to verify their documents and product so that there is no scope of trouble from the end of the seller.

Can we ask for a refund?

Yes, a refund is possible, but only if the product is bought using the Carousell Protection, and the product delivered is damaged or unauthentic.

Is there free shipping and home delivery available at Carousell?

Yes, most of the products are eligible for free delivery. Similarly, one can easily choose the type of delivery that they want. You can choose the doorstep delivery option so that you will be able to receive your purchase at your doorsteps. Thus, we can say that Carousell has both the options of free shipping and home delivery available with them for the customer to choose from.

Is Carousell only meant for used products?

No, Carousell deals with both brand-new as well as second-hand products. This is due to the idea of Carousell that wants to save the environment and provide the people with an alternative of buying goods that do not form a dent in the pocket of the customers, and they could have the option of getting the required goods at a lesser price.

What about the authenticity of the seller?

If you are someone buying used products, don’t be afraid of the seller. Carousell makes sure that they do that for you. Make sure that the sellers have all the information and legal information and everything, then only they are allowed to put up their products for sale. And if fresh products are considered, they too come from authentic sources that the customers can trust.

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