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Used Power Banks and Chargers for Sale in Singapore

Today, it is quite normal to have more than one electronic device when you go out. We always carry a mobile phone, a laptop and probably another mobile phone with us, almost every time we need to go out of our houses. Additionally, since the culture of work from home hit the world, we need a constant source of power for our electronic devices.

What is better than high battery power banks, and good quality fast chargers, with the capacity to charge your devices within minutes of plugging in, at unbelievably reasonable prices!

Buying second-hand nowadays doesn’t only mean being a friend of the environment but also making a gigantic saving on your expenditure, and not burning a hole in your pockets each time you want to go shopping.

For this, Carousell has a huge variety of used and new power banks, and portable chargers for sale in Singapore, so that you can be fully powered for a productive day, without worrying about paying the exorbitant bills.

The power banks available starting from a price range of S$10 and go up, according to their condition and speed of charging. The chargers that are listed on the platform start at the price of S$10. Top-quality, branded portable chargers, and adaptors at these prices add to Carousell’s undeniable popularity in Singapore.

The best power bank promises to deliver at least 4 charges, before requiring a recharge itself. The recharging takes approximately 2.5-4 hours depending upon the condition, quality of the device. All the power banks for sale come with an in-built battery with a capacity of 8000 mAh, 10000 mAh, 20000 mAH, and higher.

Several of the power banks, wired and wireless are also equipped with Intelligent Identification Chips (IC), to indicate the electric current and voltage supplied. The Short Circuit Protection system is an efficient addition to some of the power banks for sale on Carousell.

A few of the listed products have been specifically designed for specific brands and models of devices. Though with the Carousell Protection Plan you can ask for a refund on all purchases within 7 days, please take note of this for a hassle-free shopping experience.

The chargers for sale available on Carousell are of a variety of brands, categories, and types. You’ll find infinite wireless charging, USB charging, and charging adaptors options online.

The branded, new wireless chargers cost around S$40, while the used chargers start at the price of S$10, depending on the brand name, and compatibility.

Three USB cable types, namely – Type A, Type B, and USB-C, are also listed for charging various devices, compatible with different charging adaptors.

Carousell provides free shipping options for the subscribers of Carousell Protection, along with rapid and safe delivery services. The option of Meet-up and mailing of the orders is provided to both the parties, for care-free shopping.

To further protect its users, listing policies are designed for the peace of mind of the customers and to prevent online fraud. The instant chat option of the website allows the buyer to contact the seller and initiate secured transactions. However, sellers can also be contacted directly with their provided contact details on the listing page.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is it safe to buy a charger on Carousell?

All the latest deals and offers on electronics all around Singapore can be found on Carousell. For a quality, memorable experience, and to ensure customer safety Carousell monitors and verifies all its sellers and the genuineness of the available products. The Carousell Protection Plan provides a shield against cybercrime and fraudulent activities to its subscribers to ensure a reliable transaction, and free, secure shipping.

How much does a power bank cost you on Carousell?

We have a lot of power banks available for sale. Every brand has its unique features and specifications, that are responsible for determining the price of the product. The pricing of the power bank depends on the inbuilt battery, along with other additional features, if any. However, the cost of a power bank can vary from a minimum of S$10 to S$100 as per the factors mentioned.

Can I get a refund on Carousell?

It is very easy to initiate a refund on Carousell if you are a Carousell Protection Plan subscriber and the item purchased has not been delivered, or is of a different variation, color, version, etc. You can raise the request with the seller, in the Carousell online chat cite the issue, and get your money back within 7-10 days of the purchase.

Can I track my order on Carousell?

You can track your order by receiving updates from Carousell via messages or email on the registered contact details, from the time of dispatch of your order till it is delivered.