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New and Used Mounts & Holders for Sale in Singapore

In the age of social media and multitasking, we often see people engrossed in their mobile phones, almost all the time. The popularity of Youtube and Instagram has got us making videos on the go. It’s quite a sight, a person struggling to make a video of himself, at the perfect angle with the perfect background light.

The invention of mounts and mobile phone holders has really eased our lives. Now we have the freedom to fix our phones on any surface and record our videos. The mounts and holders have given us the ability to go hands-free.

Buying used tripods and phone stands is far more beneficial than buying a brand new one, because any good quality holder is not cheap, and it’s definitely not eco-friendly.

Carousell offers a variety of good quality, used mounts and phone holders at reasonable prices under the category of Mobile Phones and Gadgets on the website.

The in-app Carousell Protection Plan is highly recommended for all users, for a hassle-free experience online. Carousell Protection promises free shipping, with a guaranteed dispatch within 5 days, and shipped with care. Additional security while processing payments, refunds, and assured data protection from start to finish, is also an added benefit of subscribing to the Protection Plan.

The tripods for sale at Carousell are usually made of thick steel legs, attached to a stable stand and phone holder, with adjustable height. Tripods are available in various sizes and models, as per customers’ requirements. The average cost of second-hand tripods is approximately S$ 50.

Mini Tripods or flexible mounts are available, compatible with many smartphone brands such as Samsung, Apple, Huawei, etc. Several of these mounts contain an octopus tripod and a bracket tripod, for the versatility of use. The price range of these listings starts at S$5 and goes higher according to quality, brand, and attachments.

You can also find motorbike brackets, connectors, mount trays, and phone holders for steering wheels on Carousell, starting at an affordable price of S$4, as per material, condition, and quality. The bike brackets are made of aluminium and come with a guarantee of non-rust. The mount trays are available for customization and are made for elevating laptops and monitors.

Buyers are requested to double-check the mentioned specifications, durability, and warranty, examine the genuineness of the product and the documents promised before the sale.

An alternative between meet-up and mailed delivery is always a supplementary advantage that is provided to the sellers and buyers at the time of purchase.

Sellers can be reached with Carousell’s online chat section or with the contact details that are provided in the product description.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carousell safe purchasing phone holders and mounts?

Carousell is known for its top-notch listing policies. The conditions are constantly updated to allow the best and genuine sellers and buyers to connect. There are features like the CarouPay and Carousell protection plan that ensures safe and secured transactions. Sellers and buyers reported being scamming or destroying the authenticity of the platform are immediately blacklisted and removed. Hence Carousell is a safe platform for purchasing mounts and phone holders.

How much does a mobile phone holder cost on Carousell?

Carousell has a range of kitchenware from kettles and electric rice cookers that can cost as low as S$ 30 to air fryers, commercial espresso machines that can cost up to S$ 600, and more. Chimneys, cabinets, faucets, cutlery, and utensils are also available in different price ranges on Carousell.

Can I return my purchase on Carousell?

Carousell does not entertain returns or refunds. But products that are reported to have been damaged can be exchanged on Carousell. Sometimes the individual seller can offer refunds. But the transaction must be sorted between the buyer and seller within 7 days. If not, the Carousell support team will intervene.

Does Carousell offer free shipping?

Carousell offers free shipping on several products with very few exclusions. It also offers the liberty of choosing a method of delivery or pick-up to the comfort of the buyer and seller. You can choose to pick up your purchase or have it delivered through your choice of courier if the seller agrees. In other situations, Carousell offers free shipping services to almost all locally made purchases.

Are international orders for phone holders accepted?

Carousell is currently supporting orders within Singapore as shipping the consignment outside the boundaries of Singapore can get complicated, and difficult.

What kind of used phone holders can I find on Carousell?

Carousell has a huge range of mount trays, phone holders, and tripods. You can find everything you need for the hands-free recording of videos or multitasking here, at the best of prices.

Are the prices negotiable on Carousell?

The price of the listings is determined by the seller and not by Carousell. Therefore the prices can be bargained after contacting the seller.

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