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Used Cases and Sleeves for Sale in Singapore

Since time immemorial fashion has ruled our choices in clothing and accessories. Colors and innovative designs have always been a global priority, which flourished the fashion industry all these decades.

Fashion got extended to mobile phones and other gadgets when cases and sleeves entered the electronics industry a few years ago. All of a sudden, everyone wanted a colorful and fancy mobile case or a tasteful sleeve for their AirPods and tablets.

These cases have now become an essential, recurring need for us. The “affordable” prices and bargains are encouraging enough to buy a whole lot, every other month for the sake of colors and style.

The flip side of buying a lot of these cases is that they are not at all environmentally friendly. Their manufacturing alone results in a lot of chemical residual, and fumes that are harmful to the ecosystem.

Buying second-hand cases and sleeves are a feasible option, to curb this problem.

Carousell is an online platform, home to a plethora of aesthetic phone cases, custom and designer phone cases, tablet cases both second-hand and brand-new, all-around Singapore.

Carousell is known for selling good quality phone cases at irresistible offers and deals and providing the best user experience for all.

You can find yourself the latest, new, or second-hand designer phone cases, tablet cases for sale in Singapore under the category of Mobile Phones and Gadgets, and the sub-category of Mobile and Gadget Accessory on the website.

The cost of the phone cases on Carousell start as low as S$10. You can find yourself a high-quality iPhone 11 phone case in the range of S$5 to S$30.

You can find aesthetically beautiful silicon, plastic mobile phone cases for all models of Apple, from iPhone 6 to iPhone XS, iPhone 12, and iPhone 13. Several phone cases for Samsung and other mobiles are also available.

iPad covers, Samsung tablet covers, and tablet covers for other brands are available in a variety of shades and designs, priced at S$15 and higher, depending upon the material of the case, the brand, originality, etc.

Cases are a serious need for earbuds and AirPods, for shock-protection, keeping them dust-free and a change of look-feel. Second-hand Earbud cases cost as low as S$5 on Carousell, while the brand new ones cost around S$15 or higher.

For a care-free experience and a smooth purchase, Carousell offers free shipping with the Carousell Protection Plan. Under the plan, the order is dispatched within 5 days of acceptance, and shipped with an assured zero damage risk. A choice of meet-up or delivery is provided to the sellers, for utmost convenience.

Before initiating the transaction, the buyer is requested to inspect the warranty period, the durability, and the validity of the said documents.

The in-app Carousell Protection enables you to initiate safe transactions, refunds and promises data protection throughout the experience. Buying gaming desktops has never been easier and with Carousell, it’s now cheaper!

To show your interest in the products, you can contact the seller with Carousell’s online chat section or call them directly with the provided contact details in the product description.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is buying a phone case safe at Carousell?

  • Verified sellers and genuine listings are assured by Carousell as a part of a safe purchasing environment for all its buyers.
  • For additional precaution, while making money transactions, the in-app Carousell Protection secures its users against frauds, as well as assures safe purchasing by supported payment methods and customer support.

How much does a phone case cost on Carousell?

The price range for a phone case on Carousell starts at S$5 if it’s second-hand. If the phone cover is brand new, the price can vary from S$10 to S$2000, according to the brand, specifications, material, etc.

Can I return products to Carousell?

  • Yes, you can return products using the Carousell Protection plan. You can request a refund if the item purchased has not been delivered, has missing parts, or is of a different variation, color, model, version, or size.
  • The buyer can raise an issue in the chat, to inform the seller about the issue with the consignment. The seller is required to refund the buyer, via the platform and the seller may accept to process the same.
  • If not resolved, the issue may be escalated to the Carousell Support Team, for a refund as per the criteria mentioned.
  • The refund is processed within 2 hours if the payment is made via DBS Paylah!, otherwise about 7-10 days for payments generated via credit/debit cards.

Is Carousell the right place to buy used goods?

Carousell is a safe place to buy second-hand and new goods. Carousell has rules and instructions to protect both the customer and the seller from online fraud, and untruthful products. For an enhanced, secure shopping experience, we recommend subscribing to the Carousell Protection Plan.