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New and Used Irons & Steamers for Sale in Singapore

It is the responsibility of every individual to help in the process of healing the environment. For this, Carousell came up with a platform where one can buy and sell used products, which are generally electrical waste or are non-biodegradable. This ensures that the environment is reduced from the stress of ever-increasing e-waste. Moreover, this also helps buyers as they can now get the desired products at the lowest prices, making it easier for them to fulfil all their needs and requirements without burning a hole in their pockets.

Irons and streamers are among some of the most popular products that can be bought from Carousell. You can get a used iron for around S$ 15; whereas a brand-new one can cost you as much as S $200, the prices will depend on the brand, features, quality, and condition of the product. The most popular brands in this category on Carousell are Bosch, Electrolux, Tefal, Panasonic, Braun, and several others.

Not only does Carousell deal in pre-owned products, but we also offer users access to brand-new items, which means that the buyers who are interested in buying fresh items can also get their desires met on Carousell. While buying fresh products is like any other online shopping website, we urge the customers to read the product description, along with the information like the warranty period, the durability, and the protection policy. This will help a buyer not to make mistakes and rather look through the information carefully.

While buying pre-owned products, a buyer doesn’t have to worry about the authenticity of the seller, as Carousell has done that beforehand. Still, if a buyer wants to get their queries solved, they can dos that through the chat window available. If there is the contact information of the seller, they can even ask to meet the seller and have a look at the product they are interested in buying; also, they can ask for the documents, if any.

While these were the things that the buyers needed to do before or during the buying process, there are also the options of home delivery, hand-to-hand transaction, and pick-up location available as per their feasibility. As Carousell makes the whole process, one needs to abide by the rules and regulations that are required to be followed irrespective of whether they are a buyer or a seller.

Also, most of the products are eligible for free delivery in Singapore, but under certain conditions and cases, one might be asked to pay a fixed amount of shipping charges.

Buying products like iron and streamers are very easy, and Carousell has made it a point to have a user-friendly interface so that shopping will be a better experience without any kind of hassle.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to buy at Carousell?

Yes, it is very safe and secure to make purchases through Carousell. Not only are they registered but also licensed for the business. They have some very strict rules and regulations that are required to be followed by most of the sellers; being unable to meet them might put them in legal trouble. Also, there are terms and conditions prescribed for the buyers as well, which they are advised to follow. Carousell always tries to make their interface more friendly for the user, therefore, making it even easier to buy products through their platform.

Is Carousell more focused on the sale of brand new products?

No, this is far from the truth. Carousell is focused on the sale of fresh products as much as it is focused on used products. Like any other e-shopping platform, Carousell too works similarly. Saying that it is more focused on one aspect will be wrong.

Can we ask for a refund?

Yes, a refund is possible, but only when the purchase is made using the protection policy. This is mentioned with each product, and most of them are under this policy. Also, there are certain situations and circumstances under which one can ask for a refund; these can be read on the website.

Are the options of free shipping and home delivery available at Carousell?

Yes, most of the products are eligible for free delivery. Similarly, one can easily choose the type of delivery that they want. You can choose the doorstep delivery option so that you will be able to receive your purchase at your doorsteps. Thus, we can say that Carousell has both the options of free shipping and home delivery available with them for the customer to choose from.

What are the expected prices of Irons on Carousell?

The prices are subject to company and model, but to give you an idea, The price for new models can go up to S$ 200 while the prices for a new one can start from S$ 15.

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