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A child's playtime is as important to them as work is to you. It's critical that you let your baby develop his motor skills and creativity through play. Like they say, let kids be kids. If you're a busy parent and you can't always be there to help educate your baby, an excellent kids toy could be your next best shot at teaching your child some valuable lessons. Educational toys come in useful here. You can find a variety of educational toys on Carousell's marketplace. You might be wondering whether educational toys refers to all those flash cards and memory games but, LEGO can be educational too. Don't forget other kid favourite toys like Play-Doh and interactive toys from Fisher-Price. These toys put your child in an environment full of creative expression and innovation. Remember, your baby's early years is the best time for you to expose them to a variety of baby games and materials for them to grow. The Carousell community also sells toys brands from big retailers in Singapore such as Toys R Us, Action City and Kiddy Palace. So, if you're looking to buy used baby toys online in Singapore, check our marketplace out for the best things at the best deals. If your baby outgrows his or her toy, which is common for very young kids, you can always give it a chance for another newborn baby to enjoy what your kid enjoyed. What you found very useful and educational can be the same for other parents looking for the best toys for their child. So, if your pile of toys start adding up and your baby kid isn't a baby anymore, sell it on Carousell to make room for the things that matter.