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Home Cleaning Services in Singapore

Coming back to a spotless home can be very relaxing, but a busy schedule makes this difficult. You can get a home cleaning service to do all the cleaning while you attend to other important things. There are professional cleaning services that will have your entire living space cleaned in no time, and at an affordable price as well. You can schedule your home to be cleaned at certain intervals or just call the company whenever you require their services.

Cleaning your entire living space yourself can be very tedious and will certainly take a lot of time without the right equipment. Different surfaces require different products and methods of cleaning, and our professional cleaners are well trained to clean these surfaces. There are different types of home cleaning services offered such as spring cleaning, upholstery cleaning, curtain steam cleaning, laundry services, carpet cleaning, wooden floor cleaning, dry cleaning, gardening, and so on. Our professional cleaners clean both inside and outside of your home so it looks stunning both inside and outside. Special cleaning services are also taken for specific parts of the home. Pools, hot tubs, and jacuzzis are also cleaned on request as well.

Carousell offers one of the best cleaning services in Singapore. All staff are well trained and are professional with clients. The cleaning staff has been trained on how to use the right equipment, techniques to achieve the best cleaning results, and how to maintain the natural appearance of items. All cleaning staff have been extensively trained and have years of experience in providing home cleaning services. All services are affordable and you can order a package deal, request for only certain parts of your home to be cleaned, or the entire house. The price range for cleaning services can start at $20 up to $700 or more, depending on the area to be cleaned and the number of services provided. The more areas to be cleaned and the more services provided, the more expensive.

Frequently asked questions

The basic home cleaning package includes cleaning the living area and specific areas within the house like bathrooms, bedrooms, study, and kitchen.

The price for home cleaning services is relatively affordable by most individuals. The average price range for home cleaning services is between $20 to $500. The prices can be more depending on the area to be cleaned and the number of services required.

There are numerous home cleaning services available on Carousell such as carpet cleaning, bathroom cleaning, curtains steam cleaning, pool and outdoor area cleaning, and other specified areas of the house.

The home cleaning service on Carousell is very reliable as there are ratings of up to 4 stars on the various home cleaning services. There are also some reviews and comments on the cleaning services that you can go through for more details on the service.

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