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Air-con Home Services in Singapore

An air conditioner is a home appliance that comes in very handy when the weather gets very hot. Constantly making use of the air conditioner can quickly wear it out causing it to perform at a slower pace and cool less. This is why you need to service your air conditioner regularly so it can perform at the optimal capacity. To service your air conditioner, you need the services of an air-con professional who will thoroughly service your air conditioner.

With the home air-con services, you can schedule an appointment for a professional to come to your home and service your air conditioner. If you recently got an air conditioner, you will also need the services of a professional to help install your air conditioner units properly. There are different services provided by Carousell when it comes to your air conditioners units like maintenance, unit installation, repairs, and servicing. All the necessary tools and equipment are needed to ensure your air conditioner is properly serviced or installed without damages.

All personnel that offer air-con services have been professionally trained to provide the best service. They have also been trained on how to operate the equipment needed to work on air conditioners with ease and without any damage to the air conditioners. The professional can work on all brands and models of air conditioners and are experienced in servicing numerous kinds of ACs. These professionals are available round the clock via the chat platform on the Carousell website. You can chat with any service professional on troubleshooting steps for your air conditioner pending when they arrive. The price range for air-con services varies based on what needs to be done, and the kind of service required. The average price range for home air-con services is between $15 to $500 based on the charge rate of the firm. Prices also vary based on the rates such as hourly rates or fixed rates.

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The basic home air-con package includes maintenance, servicing, installation of units, cleaning, chemical wash, repair, troubleshooting, and even sales of air-conditioners. You can also request certain services depending on what you need.

The price for home air-con services is relatively affordable by most individuals. The average price range for home air-con services is between $15 to $500. The prices vary depending on the issue, time spent, materials needed, and the number of services required.

There are numerous home air-con services available on Carousell such as air conditioner chemical wash, repair, maintenance, and installation of units, and sales of air conditioners.

The home air-con services on Carousell are very reliable as certain services have quite a considerable number of likes. The way to know the best services to go for is to first check the number of likes and ratings, then proceed to the comments section for more details on the kind of service provided and the duration it took.

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