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Plumbing Services and Handyman in Singapore

Working on a full-time job five days a week or sometimes seven days a week plus having kids at school to take care of and in between having to go for meetings in and outside the office can be a real task not to mention having pesky tasks around the house to do.

Here is the good news, on Carousell, people looking for handyman and plumbing services are on the right track as Carousell employees are focused on delivering over 100% job satisfaction and easing people of their day to day stress.

The ranges of services Carousell offers includes fixing of cabinets, damaged shelves and sinks, home automation, wiring, locksmiths, ceiling fan repairs, detachable window restrictor, drain pipe and tap choke clearing, installation of home improvements required like kitchen shelves, radiators, bedside table, epoxy floor, washbasin, toilet, water heater, TV bucket, curtain and sliding door. They also offer other services like wall drilling, bifold door, partition, radiator installation, demolition and reinstallment, rubbish chute replacement, doorknobs and hinges, hanging service, door closer and floor spring, assembly service, plaster and false ceiling. In addition to all of these Carousell also offers aircon, painting, carpentry and electrical services. All of these services are being offered on Carousell just to bring some sense of ease and peace to people amid their tight schedules and hustle and bustle of life.

The Carousell website is focused on providing only efficiently trained professionals in the plumbing and handyman services so customers have nothing to worry about. These trained professionals work round the clock ensuring that required work or tasks are done on time. The trained professionals are not only good at what they do but they are also very time conscious, they do their job very well within a limited period. The minimum price of plumbing and handyman services is $30 which is very inexpensive.

Frequently asked questions

The handyman and plumbing services did not stop at carrying out simple plumbing services, they are also focused on providing complicated services like leaks central heating, outside pipes, airlocks, water cylinders etc

The average price of plumbing and handyman services in an hour starts from $45 to $200. This is affordable when compared to prices from other service providers.

There are six main plumbing and handyman services available on Carousell and they include electrical wiring, plumbing, locksmiths, air-con, home automation and electrician.

The trained professionals in the areas of plumbing and handyman services on Carousell are consistently being rated to be the best, delivering quality services In a friendly atmosphere and their service charges are relatively cheap.

The trained professionals in plumbing and handyman services are always available on chats 24 hours, they respond almost immediately which makes them very reliable and efficient.

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