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The exposure that everybody gets in modern times has opened up opportunities to dive into artistic passions like videography and cinematography. The potential to create cinematic videos with minimal equipment, passion, and creativity is propelled by Carousell’s collection of gimbals and stabilizers for sale in Singapore. Any videography enthusiast who wants to kick start their passions needs to have one of these stabilizers for clean, high-quality videos with zero to minimal shakes or blurs. Find the best quality gimbals and stabilizers at the best possible and cheapest deals on Carousell.

Aiding your budget, Carousell offers second-hand and pre-owned gimbals that deliver the same performance, are in perfect condition but priced significantly lower. Bloggers, vloggers, tik-tok ers, social media influencers, YouTubers, and other content creators whose livelihood depends on creating aesthetic quality video content need to get their hands on these gimbals and stabilizers in Carousell. Deter all unexpected bumps and inconveniences that might affect the quality of your video with gimbals.

The top brands for gimbals and stabilizers on Carousell are GoPro, DJI, Zhiyun, Feiyu Tech, Benro, Removu, and Moza. The versatility of products can range from phone stabilizers to cameras and GoPro gimbals and stands. Extra attachments for convertible tripods, bendable extensions, and multiple angle flexibility for more shooting angles are also available as individually sold components and as plus ones or combo offers on Carousell. Dual feature gimbals have screw fittings that can accommodate both phones and cameras. Sleek designs with high-level functionality extendable attachments for comfortable farther or closer shots is the common feature in most gimbals and stabilizers.

Bluetooth features for wireless operations without timers are perfect when shooting events that are time-sensitive. Remote-controlled click options ensure that the camera gets the exact shot without the fuss of setting a timer. Manual and automatic stabilization modes for different types of video coverage can be chosen through the automated stabilization modes integrated into some of the latest gimbals and stabilizers. Some products come with easy-to-pack-and-carry carriers and bags as a complementary addition and in some as a dual combo offer. Pocket-size battery-operated mini gimbals for smartphones and GoPros come in multiple color models and smaller sizes.

DJI Osmo model and DJI Pocket 2 model are two of the most famous models for mini gimbals and stabilizers. DJI RS2, Ronin SC, camera slider, Zhiyun crane 2, and the Feiyu gimbal are other popular listings on Carousell. The GoPro series cameras have their own gimbal collections in different budget ranges. Three-axis gimbals use IMU (inertial measurement units) to detect movement and adjust the camera positioning, accordingly giving you perfect shots every single time.

Carousell offers a user-friendly platform for buyers and sellers to connect directly. You can get the best price deals for quality products in both new and used conditions. Carousell offers safe transaction options for extra security through the Caroupay and Carousell protection plan features. The payment options are debit/credit via VISA or Mastercard, as well as DBSPaylah. The courier company can be picked upon the preference of the buyer and seller, and if both parties agree, the option of pick-up is also available. Free shipping options are also available on select products. Carousell filters can help you find your best-suited product and the Carousell support team helps whenever required.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carousell safe to buy new and used gimbals and stabilizers?

Carousell is one of the safest online platforms for buyers and sellers to network. It filters out the best authentic buyers and sellers with product listings that are monitored. Any reports of scam-like behaviour are taken very seriously. The Caroupay and Carousell protection plan features ensure extra security during transactions.

How much do gimbals and stabilizers cost on Carousell?

Gimbals and stabilizers on Carousell can cost from S$ 90 to S$ 1000, depending on the model, brand, condition, features, and camera compatibility. The mobile phone gimbals can cost around S$ 40 to S$ 200, while camera stabilizers can start from S$ 200.

What brands of gimbals and stabilizers can I find on Carousell?

DJI, Zhiyun, Feiyutech, Benro, Gopro, Removu, and Mozu are some of the popular camera gimbals and stabilizers brands on Carousell.

Is it better to buy new or pre-owned gimbals?

Carousell offers the best-grade second-hand or pre-owned gimbals and stabilizers that come in perfect working condition and at a comparatively lower price. Since it is budget-friendly, buying perfect working condition pre-owned gimbals is the better option on Carousell.

Does Carousell ship internationally?

Carousell does not ship internationally, but selected products ordered on Carousell Singapore do have free shipping for places within Singapore.

What are the best features of quality gimbals on Carousell?

Built-in charging, built-in camera control, 360-degree rotation radius, multiple stabilization modes, and high payload supporting features are some of the latest upgrades in gimbals and stabilizers found in Carousell.

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