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New & Used Webcams for Sale in Singapore

With people trying to adapt to the new normal of more work hours from home, distancing from friends and family, online education, and virtual gatherings, webcams have been the knight in shining armour, by connecting us all to our loved ones and colleagues.

Since older models of laptops and PCs do not have the webcam feature, and most of the older models have low-quality webcams, many people have been worried about not being able to afford new, higher-end, and branded webcams for their work and daily video calls.

This is where Carousell comes to save the day with its affordable range of second-hand webcams equipped with high-quality lenses, impressive frame lengths, satisfactory megapixels promising fine picture quality, the latest autofocus features, and high resolution. For the users who have built-in webcams on their laptops, but prove to be non-cooperative in terms of connection and quality resolution, Carousell offers them a selection of premium quality webcam models at affordable prices, available in both brand-new and pre-owned conditions.

The most commonly purchased brand names for webcams available on Carousell are Logitech, Xiaomi, Asus, Razer, HP, and Microsoft. The latest features of the webcams available under the wide range of Carousell’s second-hand market make them irresistible. You must purchase them even if your laptop or PC has an in-built webcam device. The quality, transmission speeds, and frame coverage are more than adequate and highly impressive. However, the best part is that even the most latest models are sold at an affordable rate.

The Logitech C920, Logitech brio, Logitech c922, Logitech c925e, Logitech c922 pro, Logitech c270 and the Logitech prostream are the latest models available on Carousell. Razer Kio, Elgato Facecam, Elgato Cam, Arlo Cam, and Webcam Nexigo are lesser-known but super-quality webcam options. The Microsoft Lifecam Studio offers some of the best quality 4k resolutions in simple home setups. Gamers, business meetings, blogger recordings, virtual gatherings, and work-from-home workers prefer most of these choices. But Carousell has several more options regarding the price range, model, brand, and condition.

Most of the webcams listed on Carousell start at an average price of S$20 and are accompanied by accouterments like tripods, microphones, and protection covers.

Carousell features refined listing policies that eradicate all sellers and buyers who corrupt the sanctity of the forum. The listing policies and evaluation methodology that Carousell follows ensure that the products offered are of good quality and that the sellers and buyers maintain professional decorum. Anyone reported for scamming is blacklisted and removed from the listings, making it safe. The Carousell protection plan ensures secure transactions for both the buyer and seller. The money transfer is only processed after the buyer confirms the delivery of the product. Carousell customer support services are user-friendly and always available to sort out any misunderstandings and issues you may face.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is buying webcams in Carousell safe?

Carousell follows a refined listing policy that only exhibits the best sellers and the best products. The Carousell protection plan ensures that the money transfer is not complete until the buyer confirms the genuinity of the product. Any dissatisfactions can be communicated to the Carousell customer support, and the misunderstanding will be sorted out immediately. These features and more make Carousell one of the safest and secure online shopping websites.

How much do webcams cost in Carousell?

The standard webcam models in Carousell can start from S$ 250, while the higher-end elite webcam models can belong to a S$ 5,000 price range.

When can I refund my purchase in Carousell?

Any damaged products or dissatisfactions with the purchase can be communicated with the seller and the Carousell customer support. The damaged product needs to be reported within 10 days of delivery with pictures and proof of the damage, after which the Carousell support team will contact you with the next procedures. Carousell does not facilitate refunds but offers the chance to exchange the product. Personalized products are not included in this.

What are the shipment options in Carousell?

Carousell offers the buyers and sellers the liberty to choose their own delivery options. Pick-ups can be arranged if both parties agree. Depending on the purchased product, the distance between the pick-up and drop location, the delivery duration can vary from 5 to 15 days from the time of purchase. Some products and perishable goods, under terms and conditions, are offered the same-day-delivery option from Carousell.

Does Carousell have the best webcams?

Carousell showcases webcams in both brand-new and pre-owned conditions. There is a list of brands and models with a variety of features and diverse price ranges. You can find your best-suited webcam by shuffling through the Carousell filters.

What are the best webcam brands on Carousell?

Different models of webcams from the best brands like Logitech, Xiaomi, Asus, Razer, and more are found on Carousell.

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