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Used Mouse and Mouse Pads for Sale in Singapore

The age of the electronics market just keeps getting bigger, better, and more advanced every year. Every company is launching its range of accessories like pouches, stands, portable chargers, decorative features, and more in Singapore. Finding all these products with the benefit of choice from different brands, models, price ranges, materials, and quality is easier with Carousell. You can now shop from the comfort of your home through a huge list of options for every electronic gadget, accessories, chargers, adapters, cables, case, and more on Carousell. Buy high-tech mouses and the latest mouse pads that effortlessly forge the perks of decorative features, functionality, and comfortable supportive designs in Singapore.

Carousell has a variety of mouses, each of which is suited for a huge buyer range, from gamers and kids to college students and office workers, aiding each of their needs. Mousepads that increase the movement and enhance the user experience while also protecting the mouse bottom surface from damage can be found at affordable price ranges, starting as low as S$10 on Carousell.

Find various mouse models like the standing mouse for gaming, the standard wired mouse that is easy and quick to connect to both PC and laptop, and the Bluetooth wireless mouse with high functionality without a cable's clumsiness. Mouses with different cable lengths, unrestricted movement designs, and high accuracy are common features found across the brands and models on Carousell.

Razer mouse and Logitech mouse are standard wired mouse models that have been the most preferred bestsellers for several years. Apple's magic mouse with an elegant design and gloss-finish is available at the cheapest deals in brand-new and pre-owned conditions.

G pro superlight mouse model is a recent fame hogging model, bought for its advanced comfortability range and accurate functioning. Different models of the razer mouse such as razer viper and razer Orochi V2 and the Logitech gaming mouse and Logitech MX master3 are found in the best offers on Carousell.

Mousepads for sale in Singapore on Carousell are not only versatile in range and pricing but also are comfortable to use, beautiful to look at, and budget-friendly. They are available in sets of 4 as well as individual pieces on Carousell. The mousepads for sale are topped with waterproof and dustproof features and LED and fluorescent designs, made of premium quality materials.

Carousell constantly works at upgrading its website features, shopping policies, and listing software to give the best experience to its users. Through Carousell, you can connect with multiple sellers to compare and pick the perfect offer best suited to your preferences and budget range.

The products and sellers are monitored for Genuity. The Carousell subscription plans unlock the perks of safer transactions and personalization of the buyer experience. Online purchasing has never been safer and quicker than this. Carousell also provides filters that make finding products that best suit your preferences easier. Find the best pre-owned, good quality gadgets as well as brand-new latest products in the same place. Get your hands on the best deals and product options only on Carousell.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is Carousell safe for shopping?

Carousell's listing policies, buyer-seller evaluation, and monitoring and transaction features make it a safe medium for shopping online. All products are reviewed, and buyer complaints are taken very seriously.

How much does a mouse pad and mouse cost you in Carousell?

The standard mouse can start from S$ 22 to S$ 150, depending on the brand, model, and features. Mouse Pads can cost around S$ 8 to S$ 20 on Carousell.

Can I get my money back from Carousell?

Once an order is confirmed, Carousell does not encourage cash-backs. But alternative options like exchange policies and store credit options are available. These options are subject to variation depending on the product. Make sure to read and confirm the specifications and options available before making a purchase.

Can I order in bulk on Carousell?

Bulk orders are undertaken by Carousell on specific conditions like the seller, product availability, and more. If you would still like to order in bulk, contact Carousell customer support, and they will guide you through the process.

Can I cancel my order?

After confirming the order and completing the transaction process on Carousell, the purchase cannot be canceled. On rare occasions, with the support of reasonable explanations, a store credit can be availed.

How long does it take for my purchase to get delivered?

The duration of the delivery period varies with the products, seller, and locations. Some sellers even offer same-day delivery, while the availability of some products can cause the delivery period to be as long as 15 days. Carousell offers regular updates to the registered email ID or contact number regarding the whereabouts of the product from the time of order, dispatch, travel, and delivery.

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