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Used Computer Parts for Sale in Singapore

Singapore is one of the most advanced and sustainable cities in the world. The awareness campaigns organized by the country’s government and the people's broad-minded eye for sustainability and eco-friendly living have driven an increase in the purchase of second-hand or pre-owned electronic gadgets, accessories, and appliances. Computer parts for sale in Singapore that are pre-owned are difficult to come by. And that is why Carousell offers a safe platform where you can sell and buy used computer parts that are still in good condition, quite effortlessly.

Additionally, purchasing second-hand computer parts is super accommodating for a budget-friendly lifestyle. They can help bring the luxury and joy of owning advanced tools, computer parts, etc. but at a much cheaper price.

You can find both brand-new and used computer parts to compare and make the best purchase decisions on Carousell.

At Carousell we offer a huge range of computer parts and accessories, listed by multiple sellers across the country. All you have to do is surf through the product listings and spot the price differences to pick out the cheapest available option by applying Carousell's filters. Feast the tech-enthusiast side of yourself with the huge collection of gaming PCs, CPUs, keyboards, RAM boards, motherboards, graphic cards, and more on Carousell.

Individual parts such as VGA cards, RAM, CPU, CPU fan, mainboards, sound cards, power supply units, DVD cards, monitor screens, and keyboards are also available in brand-new and pre-owned conditions. The best-selling computer parts, accessories, and gaming equipment that are a preferred purchase on Carousell are RTX 3060, RTX 3080, mining rigs, GTX 1070, graphic cards, PC case, PSU, CPU coolers or fans, DDR4, laptop, and desktop RAM cards, and gaming memory cards.

Carousell provides user-friendly features like personalized recommendations, shipment tracking facilities via constant updates on the purchase to the registered email ID and phone number, secure transaction amenities, customer support, and monitored listings. Use the Carousell filters to find the best products at the best prices. Enjoy the benefits of zero-damage risk and exchange policies. Connect with the sellers directly to avoid unnecessary expenses. Free shipment offers, and the choice of courier company or pick-up options are also part of Carousell's attempt to make the transaction as comfortable and easy for both the buyer and seller. The payments and privacy of the buyer-seller are secured. Additional benefits of documents, warranties, etc., are to be discussed thoroughly with the seller before the purchase is confirmed.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is it safe to buy computer parts on Carousell?

Carousell monitors and evaluates its sellers for the discrepancy. Any reports from the buyers about the ingenuity of products offered or scams that the buyers are suspected of being taken very seriously. The listing policies are updated to filter out the best authentic sellers offering the cheapest deals and high-quality products. Hence it is safer and easier to buy computer parts on Carousell.

How much do computer parts cost on Carousell?

From PCs, gaming consoles, motherboards, and graphic cards to water-cooling CPUs, mining rigs, and keyboards, Carousell offers it all at prices as low as S$ 150 for the basic accessories and co-appliances. The highest price range can go up to S$ 90,000 and more for the customized PCs, gaming sets, and mining rigs.

Do I get my money back when I return products on Carousell?

Carousell does not offer refunds for returned products. Any damages reported are compensated by exchanges or store credit for other product purchases on the platform. Any issues with the pre-owned products from private sellers can be reported. Suppose the seller and buyer do not resolve the issue within seven days. In that case, the Carousell customer service intervenes and goes over the policies to offer satisfaction to both buyer and seller.

How long does it take for my order to reach?

Products are dispatched within five days from the day that an order is placed. Depending on the location's distance from the delivery site, the product's availability, the seller, national holidays, etc., the product is likely to reach within a seven days period. Carousell offers the tracking of the purchased product from the time of dispatch to the time it gets delivered through messages and or emails to the registered phone number and email ID.

Can I find second-hand computer parts on Carousell?

Carousell offers products in both brand-new and pre-owned conditions. The second-hand computer parts for sale in Singapore on Carousell are approved by the advanced listing policies. By using the Carousell filters, you can find any computer parts or accessories.

Are the prices negotiable on Carousell?

Brand-new products mostly do not have negotiable prices on Carousell. Although, the negotiability of the products' price depends on the preference of the seller. Contact directly with the seller through Carousell to find the best offers and deals on computer parts.

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