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Used Chargers & Cables for Sale in Singapore

In the digital era today, it is very usual to see every individual owning more than two electronic devices, and carrying more than a single device on his person, all the time. Singapore is one of the most globally advanced cities in terms of technological development and has recently gone to the extent of introducing electric vehicles, thus entering the world, into a new paradigm.

Electronic gadgets and daily use appliances are at their peak of modernization, by adapting features like portability, and long battery life. Portable electronic devices such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras, fitness trackers, wireless mouse, and several necessary gadgets have become a quintessential part of our daily lives. The invention of portable devices has brought forward the demand for multi-purpose chargers and strong cables with a fast-charging facility.

However much popular portable electronics may be, due to the convenience they provide, they are expensive and their manufacturing is causing havoc to the ecosystem.

Foreseeing the dire need for a trusted platform for second-hand products, to cut down on the unnecessary buying of new wireless chargers, HDMI cables for phone or tablet charger, Carousell provides attractive deals and great bargains on all types of chargers and cables, throughout the year, to all its users.

The used chargers for sale on Carousell start at the undeniably impressive price of S$15, while new chargers are priced around S$25 to S$100 and higher, depending on the brand, condition, and quality of the product. Brand new Xiaomi phone chargers are available at S$40, and multiple charging stations are sold from S$45. Charging stands from popular brand names are reasonably priced at S$40, and more.

Most of the listed chargers guarantee fast charging and efficient power consumption. They are high-quality, long-lasting products that are delivered with a local warranty by the sellers, and an option of return and refund if you are a subscriber of the Carousell Protection Plan.

Second-hand Type C cables for sale are available starting as low as S$10. These products are usually fast charging, carbon-fibered USB cables ensuring rapid data transfer. Good quality original Apple Charging Cable is sold on Carousell at S$11. Many cables are also packed with free plug chargers.

Buyers are requested to double-check the quality of the chargers and cables, the durability, and examine the genuineness of the product and the documents promised before the sale.

The in-app Carousell Protection Plan is highly recommended for all users, for a hassle-free experience online. Carousell Protection promises free shipping, with a guaranteed dispatch within 5 days, and shipped with care. Additional security while processing payments, refunds, and assured data protection from start to finish, is also an added benefit of subscribing to the Protection Plan.

Carousell provides an alternative between meet-up and mailed delivery as a supplementary advantage to buyers and sellers at the time of purchase. Products can be delivered for free to Carousell Protection subscribers.

Sellers can be reached with Carousell’s online chat section or with the contact details that are provided in the product description.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Is it safe to buy a charger on Carousell?

All the latest deals and offers on electronics all around Singapore can be found on Carousell. For a quality experience, and to ensure customer safety Carousell monitors and verifies all its sellers and the genuineness of the available products. The Carousell Protection Plan provides a shield against cybercrime and fraudulent activities to its subscribers to ensure a reliable transaction, and free, secure shipping.

How much does a charger cost you on Carousell?

We have a lot of chargers and cables available for sale on Carousell. The features of the product are responsible for determining the price of the device The pricing of the charger depends on the charging speed and consumption of electricity. Similarly, the cost of a cable depends upon the material used to make it (type of fiber used), and it's charging speed.  However, the cost of a charger and a cable can vary from a minimum of S$10 to S$100

Can I get a refund on Carousell?

It is very easy to initiate a refund on Carousell if you are a Carousell Protection Plan subscriber and the item purchased has not been delivered, or is of a different variation, color, version, etc. You can raise the request with the seller, in the Carousell online chat cite the issue, and get your money back within 7-10 days of the purchase.

Can I track my order on Carousell?

You can track your order by receiving updates from Carousell via messages or email on the registered contact details, from the time of dispatch of your order till it is delivered.

Is free shipping possible?

Yes, Carousell offers free shipping only to customers who have a Carousell Protection Plan.