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New and Used Camera Bags & Carriers for Sale in Singapore

Only photographers know the struggle of carrying all their equipment to remote locations for photoshoots. Having bags for every individual camera equipment and accessory and still not having enough space for additional elements like chargers, cables and batteries is no longer a problem, as Carousell introduces you to the multi-functional camera bags and carriers for sale in Singapore.

Load up all your camera equipment with no worries of damage or insufficient space, as camera bags on Carousell come from top brands and exclusive designs that are focused on maximum capacity. If new camera bags are currently a little out of your budget, Carousell offers the same models from the top brands as second-hand or pre-owned options but in perfect working condition at a much lower price.

Camera bags and carriers need to be of high quality with perfect suspension and padding to protect the expensive equipment that they are meant to carry. The additional features like extra compartments for chargers, cables, batteries, memory cards, and other essentials or multi-dimensional straps that can be transformed into duffel or satchel models are the kind of features you can find in the camera bags for sale in Singapore on Carousell. The latest camera bags and carriers come with segmented and padded compartments for different lens attachments. Speed belt attachments help secure the bag to your personnel inflicting minimum movement impact on the equipment. The top brands for camera bags on Carousell are LowerPro, Thinktank, GoPro, Nikon, Canon, PeakDesign, Crumpler, Pelica, Mamiya, and FinePix.

Pelican’s water-tight series come with perfect padding material and silicon exteriors with shock absorbers and waterproof exteriors that ensure maximum safety for camera equipment, especially during travels. Nikon’s super bag has upright and downright dimensions for camera placements and packing options. Streamline sling bags, and mini backpack models in LowerPro and PeakDesign are perfect for smaller lens equipment and are almost weightless.

The trolley backpack from Thinktank is perfect for safe and comfortable traveling and is highly functional too. Belt pack or fanny pack models for smaller important attachments are also found on Carousell.

Carousell is a safe, user-friendly online platform allowing buyers and sellers to meet with the best deals and offers on quality products. The Carousell listing policies blacklist any listings that pose ingenuity or scam-like behavior. The Carousell protection plan and Caroupay features provide extra security for transactions, as they hold the transfer until the buyer confirms the safe deliverance of their purchase. The payment options are through credit or debit in VISA or Mastercard and DBSPaylah. The Carousell filters help the user navigate through the products. Select products have free shipping, and the buyer can pick their preferred courier company for delivery. Warranty cards and other documents that come along with the product are mentioned in the description and need to be verified with the seller before confirming a purchase.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is Carousell safe for buying camera bags and carriers?

Carousell is one of the safest online platforms for new and used products. It has strict listing policies that rule out all discrepancies and scam-like behavior, leaving only the most authentic buyers, sellers, and products to be displayed on the platform. The Caroupay and Carousell protection plan features ensure extra safety for buyers.

Do I get refunds and return options for purchases?

Products that are reported to be damaged, defective, or untrue to their descriptions and are purchased using the protection plan can be returned and refunded. The Carousell support team intervenes if the issue is not sorted within 7 days and ensures store credits in the unlikely case that things do not get sorted.

How much do camera bags cost on Carousell?

Camera bags and carriers on Carousell can cost from S$ 30 to S$ 400 depending on the size, brand, features. Larger bags with multiple compartments in brand-new condition are priced higher than older models with simpler features.

What brands are available on Carousell?

Carousell has all kinds of camera carriers in duffel models, satchels, saddles, backpacks, fanny packs, and more in top brands like Chesty, Crumpler, Nikon, Pelican, Billingham, Peak design, Tenba, LowerPro, and several others.

Are the prices on Carousell negotiable?

Some sellers are open to negotiation of prices, especially those selling second-hand or pre-owned products. New products are less likely to have negotiable sellers. The negotiability of products on Carousell is dependent on the sellers.

What are the payment options for buying camera bags on Carousell?

Carousell accepts payment from credit and debit cards from VISA and Mastercard. DBS Paylah is also available as a payment option.

Do I get free shipping for camera bags purchased in Carousell Singapore?

Select products on Carousell come with the perk of free shipping. Use the Carousell filter “free shipping” to find out which ones are and verify with the seller before confirming your purchase.