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New & Used Cables and Adaptors for Sale in Singapore

The electronics industry is witnessing tremendous growth in terms of demand and pricing. The revenue in the consumer electronics segment is projected to reach 650 million US dollars in 2022. The numerous high-tech products that have entered the market are sometimes not an easy fit into the everyday budget. To strike up a balance between purchasing the electronic product as well as simultaneously keeping your pockets from draining, you can turn to the second-hand electronics market of Singapore. The trend of second-hand electronic products at a cheaper, more affordable price range is not only prevalent in Singapore, not to mention more preferred, but is being adopted on a global level.

Carousell sets out to promote the second-hand market along with providing a memorable shopping experience, as well as giving its customers a wide range of quality checked second-hand and brand-new electronic products at amazing bargains, with a click of a button.

Every PC, laptop, mobile phone, electronic musical instruments, and additional hardware equipment require cables and adaptors to make them compatible with the power outlets and the co-related electronic products. Carousell features all cable types, brands, material distinctions, and models at the best prices in Singapore. Cables are prone to damage when moving, too much bending or strains, rough usage, pets, pest damages, etc., and hence require replacement. Carousell offers premium quality cables belonging to a huge range. From USB hubs, HDMI cables, and aviator cables to cable organizers, ethernet cables, and adapters, find your favourite brands and models on Carousell.

The popular bestsellers on Carousell are Premium HDMI cables equipped with a wide compatibility range of TVs, monitors, cameras, projectors, laptops, PCs, PS, Xbox, and more. Display port cables with multiple setting options, dual charger ports, type-A, and type-C cables are available at discounted prices with the best offers.

An array of variable cable lengths and extension cords on Carousell are readily purchasable. The number of options in brand, cable length, model, and cable ports on Carousell make it the best and most convenient purchase option. In addition to cables, new multiport adapters and hub-docking stations can be found, making Carousell the best one-stop online destination to buy cables and adapters in Singapore. There are multitudes to power converter adapters' types and purposes, and finding them all in one electronic outlet is made possible. Find your most convenient models at the cheapest deals and the best qualities. The latest designs in power converter adapters and all-in-one USB hubs are a trending hit among buyers. Universal travel adapters and multiport adapters can also be found. Find all your cable and adapter needs to be fulfilled by Carousell. Apart from the latest dual-purpose and all-in-one gadgets, find the basic 2 pin power cords, portable step-down voltage converters and adapters, 3 pin adapters, sockets, kettle leads, DIN connectors, laptop chargers and adapters, VGA cables, and more.

In addition to the advanced buyer experience, Carousell provides free shipping and quick delivery options. Some featured products even have one-day delivery for areas within the proximity range. Second-hand cables and adapters for sale in Singapore can be purchased by directly contacting the seller/owner through Carousell. Enrolling yourself in the Carousell protection plan, which is free to all sellers, gives the perks of guaranteed quality control and check as the payments are completed only after the product is received. In-app payment features and the Carousell wallet option make all the transactions hassle-free.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is buying cables and adapters safe at Carousell?

Carousell monitors its product listings, evaluates its seller personas, issues verification procedures to the sellers to enable better quality products on display. The payment transactions are also made easier and safer with options like the Carousell wallet. This feature permits the money transfer only after the buyer confirms the Genuity of the purchased product. Carousell is a convenient and super safe option for purchasing cables and adapters.

How much do cables and adapters cost you in Carousell?

Carousell has the best offers and deals for cables and adapters from numerous sellers and dealers across Singapore. Hence giving you a wide price range for quality products. The price for cables and adapters can be as low as S$ 3 for 3-meter optic fibre cables and range as high as S$ 3,100 for pro-AMAT cables.

Can I return products to Carousell?

Products are mostly not accepted for returns via Carousell. But sellers do offer replacement and exchange options on account of any pre-delivery damages if you have subscribed to the Carousell Protection Plan.

Can I cancel my order on Carousell?

Order cancelling, just like returns, is not permitted. Instead, Carousell offers store credit options to make a different purchase.

What are the payment modes on Carousell?

Carousell offers several debit and credit card options to choose from. Net banking and wallets are also accepted. However, cash on delivery is not available with Carousell yet.