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Buy New & Used Bicycles in Singapore | Carousell

Buy new and used bicycles in Singapore! Get great deals on your favourite brands or sell the things you no longer need with Carousell.


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Buy new and used bicycles online on Carousell Singapore

You can commonly find people on bicycles in Singapore due to the city's commitment to making each town accessible by bike. In the future, you can access almost every part of Singapore through expanded cycling pavements. Some people ride bicycles as a hobby with their peers while others use it to commute across towns and distances. Each bike is unique to its owner; it depends on how they use it. You notice how some people may attach baskets to bicycle to allow for storage while riding. The recent emergence of bicycle sharing apps like oBike, ofo Bike, Mobike and the various others are giving bike shops in Singapore a run for their money. Many are opting for the bike sharing service to cycle because of the ease of use and its availability throughout the country. For those who prefer keeping it personal, buying from a bicycle shop in Singapore might cost you. If you're looking for cheap and used bicycles for sale online, don't go to the nearest bicycle shop you can find. Buy your new bicycle on Carousell instead. The community of Carousellers is selling bikes in excellent condition and at attractive prices. You can buy dirt bikes, trek bikes, a fixed gear bike, racing bicycles like a road bike and a BMX bike to name the favourite few. If you value a good companion for a rough adventure, dirt bikes and trek bikes are your bicycle of choice. For those who prefer to turn into speed demons, bicycles like a road bike (AKA racing bike) and a fixie should be your number one option. Their narrow tyres built for the road lets you ride smoothly, and you require less effort to go further. But, if convenience and portability matter to you the most, opt for a cheap foldable bicycle instead. Folding bikes are gaining popularity among cyclists in Singapore, especially the Vert V8 model. Once you feel like your bike has run its course and you don't have enough time to cycle anymore, sell your used bicycle on Carousell. There are a ton of bicycle brands like Shimano, Urata, Bianchi, Alleoca and more. You're bound to find a buyer for your second-hand bicycle. So, convert your old and unused bike into cash.

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