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New and Used Air Purifiers and Dehumidifiers for Sale in Singapore

Living in a city is becoming more tedious due to the high air pollution and dust sediments from traffic. You cannot control the air outside your homes, but you can account for providing a safe and hygienic home for your family. Prevent dust accumulation, the risks of breathing diseases and disorders, remove outdoor pollutants and toxic hazards from the one safe place in the city, your home. Carousell provides an entire section for air purifiers and dehumidifiers for sale in Singapore. Unpredictable climate and dust-ridden outdoors can make it almost impossible to have proper ventilation for your homes, resulting in odours and indoor humidity pikes. Stay ahead of that complication and have the ultimate comfort zone in your house by equipping it with a dehumidifier.

There are different capacities to air purifiers in terms of functioning duration per day and room surface area. Air purifiers of the conventional size chart small, the medium, large and whole house can function efficiently in rooms of 290 sq ft, 700 sqft, 1900 sqft, agree with an entire house respectively. Ensure that your air purifiers are energy-star rated for efficient and sustainably low levels of power consumption. Smart air purifiers with digital and touch settings allow easy access. Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections in some advanced air purifiers make them accessible from mobile phones, through apps, voice control devices like Alexa, etc., as well as voice control settings. Multiple fan speed settings, filter capacities, mobility enhancing wheel attachments, etc., are some of the common features in any standard air purifier.

Dehumidifiers are a common find in places with rugged climatic conditions. They reduce risks of fungi and mould infections in the house, eliminate odours, reduce condensations on ceilings and windows. Air purifiers and dehumidifiers have morphed into sleek designs that make them look less like a piece of equipment and more like design pieces in homes, adding to the aesthetics while remaining highly functional. Mini portable air purifiers and dehumidifiers can be occasionally placed in cars too. Timers, sleep modes, humidity percentage degrees, automatic resuming options, and easy detection systems with light indicators for the level of existing humidity are some of the features in air purifiers and dehumidifiers.

Carousell focuses on providing a great user experience for both buyers and sellers. You can get the Caroupay and Carousell protection plans to further secure your payments. It holds the transfer until the buyer confirms the safe arrival of the product. Through Carousell, you can connect directly with the seller and eliminate any unnecessary expenses or commissions that you may normally lose if a middleman is involved. Free installation and shipment options are also available. Use the Carousell filters to find your best-suited product. Carousell issues the freedom of choice of delivery service and pick-up options to be decided by the buyer and seller.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is it safe to purchase air purifiers on Carousell?

Carousell is one of the safest online platforms for purchasing new and used products. The Caroupay feature and Carousell protection plan provide secure transactions. The listing policies are formulated to approve only the best and authentic sellers, buyers, and products. Carousell customer support helps sort out any issues or doubts. Reporting any discrepancies or scam-like behavior is a simple procedure. Carousell takes ingenuity very seriously and backlists users that pose a threat to the safe online shopping platform.

Can I return my purchase on Carousell?

Only products that are proven to have been damaged or with defects at the time of delivery or products that are not true to their descriptions and profile can be returned. Submit photo proof of the delivered product with the damage or defect and communicate with the seller for returns. If the issue is not sorted within 7 days, the Carousell support team will intervene.

Can I get a refund on my returned purchase?

Carousell does not entertain refunds on returned purchases. Carousell, however, does offer exchange policies that issue store credit.

How much does an air purifier cost on Carousell?

There are air purifiers of bigger and smaller scales in terms of size, efficiency, and power. They can be priced as low as S$ 60 and can go as high as S$ 400.

How do I pay on Carousell?

Carousell facilitates both credit and debit cards from VISA and Mastercard. The DBSPaylah is also an option. The buyer and seller can come to an agreement for their preferred choice of payment too.

Is buying second-hand air purifiers and dehumidifiers a good choice?

Good quality and inspected second-hand or pre-owned air purifiers and dehumidifiers in the best working conditions are available at the lowest deals on Carousell. Great deals and offers for brand-new air purifiers and dehumidifiers are also available.

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