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Used E-Readers for Sale in Singapore

With the increasing global environmental degradation, due to deforestation and releasing an excess of factory-made harmful chemicals into the ecosystem, the world has slowly started taking steps to reverse this catastrophic calamity.

The electronics industry along with the paper industry have been playing havoc with the earth’s ecology for more than a decade now. The invention of E-readers was supposed to supplement the people’s need to buy paperback books. Instead, the industry saw a hyped increase in the purchase of E-readers but not a notable decrease in the purchase of paperbacks.

Buying second-hand Kindle E-readers proved to be a logical step towards fighting environmental deterioration and is steadily helping bring down the unnecessary chopping of trees and the production of unwanted factory residuals.

Carousell is an online platform, home to a plethora of the best e-reader and other second-hand and brand-new electronics of different brands and variations in Singapore. Carousell is known for selling good quality, cheapest e-readers at irresistible offers and deals, and providing the best user experience for all.

You can find yourself the latest, new or second-hand e-readers for sale in Singapore under the category of Mobile Phones and Gadgets, on the website. Brand names such as Kindle, Amazon, Kobo, and Xiaomi are the most popular e-readers in the market to date, start at the cost of S$40, and go up to S$400 as per the condition, the size, brand, and specifications of the reader.

The e-readers are supported by storage of 2 GB or more, to store thousands of books. The average 6-inch high-resolution display is equipped with adjustable front light, for convenient reading at any time of the day.  Many of the e-readers for sale are also enabled with in-built Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Audible to listen to the stories. Most of them come with impressive battery life and have a variety of colors - Black, White, Blue, etc to choose from.

The listings offer plenty of accouterments for all customers at Carousell. USB Charging cables, colorful e-reader smart covers, headphones are sold with the e-readers for sale, at great bargains.

The buyers are requested to take charge of the servicing or repair of the tablets at their own cost if the electronics are out of their warranties. However, some of the products listed on Carousell are under the manufacturer’s warranty period; several sellers offer a local warranty of a year and an option of return within 7 days. Buyers can check the availability of the warranty in the description of the product.

Although Carousell allows only verified sellers, the buyers are needed to double-check the warranty period, durability, genuineness of the product, and the validity of the committed documents before initiating the transaction.

Targeting a hassle-free client experience, the in-app Carousell Protection Plan is highly recommended for buyers and sellers alike. Carousell offers free shipping, and the order is guaranteed to be dispatched within 5 days, and shipped with the utmost care. Additional security while processing transactions, refunds, and assured data protection from start to finish, is also part of the Protection Plan for the subscribers.

An alternative between meet-up and mailed delivery is also provided to the sellers and buyer for maximum convenience.

Sellers can be contacted with Carousell’s online chat section or with the contact details that are provided in the product description.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

How much does an e-reader cost you in Carousell?

You can buy new as well as used e-readers on Carousell, with a choice of specifications and an affordable price range.

The minimum price of a used e-reader is as low as S$50, with necessary accessories such as charging cables and covers.

Can I return products to Carousell?

Yes, you can return products, and get fully refunded if you have subscribed to the Carousell Protection plan. You can apply for a refund if the item purchased has not been delivered, has missing parts, or is of a different variation. The seller is required to provide a full refund to the buyer, via the platform and the seller may accept to process the same.

What are the payment modes on Carousell?

The option of both debit and credit card payment options is available on Carousell. The Caroupay feature ensures a secured payment by holding on to the transfer until the buyer receives the order and confirms the receipt. Some products on Carousell are available for payment in installments too.

Is buying an e-reader safe at Carousell?

Sellers are verified for a safe purchasing environment for all buyers. For additional precaution, while making money transactions, the in-app Carousell Protection secures its users against frauds, as well as assures safe purchasing by supported payment methods and customer support.

Does Carousell sell only used items?

Carousell is an online platform for buying and selling good quality used products as well as brand-new items for sale.

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