245 Used Volkswagen Golf for Sale in Singapore

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Used Volkswagen Golf Cars for Sale in Singapore

Getting used cars for sale is a big deal as its advantages outweigh its disadvantages. When considering the purchase of second-hand cars, people can find various hands-on information about the car they want to buy beforehand which helps bring to a halt some crucial worries.

Volkswagen shortened as VW was formally known as Gesellschaft zur vorbereituges Deutschen Volkswagen mbH. It is a car company operated by the German government since the year 1937. The Volkswagen Golf car has risen at a very fast speed to becoming the most successful and prominent brand of the German production and it has also won many awards including the coveted world car of the year. The German production company's other popular models include Jetta, Passat, Atlas, and Tiguan.

The Volkswagen Golf has Well-known models like the Volkswagen Golf SV 1.4 TSI Highline Auto, Volkswagen Golf 1.2 TSI DSG (A), Volkswagen Golf Cabriolet DSG (A), and Volkswagen Golf 1.4 Comfortline TSI DSG (A).

The newer models of the Volkswagen Golf come with a lightweight of 10g, it has a 2.0 litre 4-double overhead cam (DOHC) engine that delivers a powerful performance, the 16-valve Turbo with intercooler charge direct-injection TSI-engine (GH-1KAXX) provides over 200 horsepower. The Volkswagen Golf comes with a 6-speed Direct Shift Gearbox (DSG) that gives it sporty manual-like shifting with automatic comfortability which helps to improve the fuel economy. The Volkswagen has a fuel mileage of 13 km/l and 16.8 km/l anywhere based on the engine displacement ranges of 1,389cc to 1,984cc. The Volkswagen Golf car covers over 100,000 miles and it uses petrol as its fuel. The Golf has a fuel tank of 50 L and a maximum speed of 250 km/h (155 mph).

The Volkswagen Golf comes with various interior and exterior types of equipment that makes driving comfortable like the aluminium pedal cluster for a fashionable accelerator and car brakes, vertical fog lamps and double chrome exhaust pipes for its GTI-trim, rear spoiler, front grille unique LED headlights with self-leveling function, front seats with adjustable lumbar support and integrated head restraints, electrically foldable and heated door mirrors, activated curb-view adjustment on passenger's side, tilted panoramic sunroof with integrated roller blind, wireless charging, gesture control, keyless entry, head-up display, automatic dimming rearview mirror, and rain sensor.

The Volkswagen Golf provides standard safety measures like an Auto Automatic-collision braking system, 7 airbags, a side assists warning system, dynamic rear taillights, and blind spots.

The second-hand Volkswagen Golf car goes for a price range of $20,000 to $103,888 which is very okay compared to getting the new Volkswagen Golf car.

Frequently asked questions

Considering the high cost of the Volkswagen Golf car, getting a second hand Volkswagen Golf car is much safer as it costs less.

The Volkswagen Golf is extremely fuel-efficient as it is capable of earning up to 36 road mpg.

The Volkswagen Golf can do a mileage of 100,000 miles and it has a good entertainment system to keep the drivers entertained.