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Used Toyota Wish Cars for Sale in Singapore

With the Honda Stream’s explosive popularity, Toyota knew they had to come up with a product to get a slice of that small MPV pie. Their answer? The AE10 Toyota Wish. Toyota followed a similar recipe in the creation of their MPV as their fellow Japanese counterpart. It shares its oily bits with a contemporary Toyota saloon, in the form of the Premio and Allion. For MY2003, the car was only manufactured in Japan. Its widespread appeal meant that Toyota started a production line for the Wish in Thailand for the 2004 model year.

This generation of Wish was available from 2003 - 2009. An all-new car was launched in 2009 and was manufactured till 2017, where it was then replaced locally by the Toyota Prius Alpha.

Pre-owned AE10 Toyota Wish Specs:

The AE10 pre-facelift Toyota Wish models are all Parallel Imports. All official imported AE10 Toyota Wish cars are facelifted and are made in Thailand.

MY2003 - MY2005 cars came with 2 engine options. A 1.8litre 4 banger, codenamed 1ZZ-FE, develops 130bhp and sends its power to either its front wheels only, for the ZNE10G models, or to all 4 wheels in the ZNE14G variant, through a 4-speed automatic gearbox. If you are after more power, Toyota fitted its 2.0-litre 1AZ-FSE powerplant that is then coupled with a CVT box.

Facelifted cars, MY2006 - MY2009, really only receive major cosmetic updates, with new front and rear fascias. Mechanically, these cars have had new electronic throttles put in, as well as a new 7-speed automatic box for several variants. This was also the first generation that was officially imported, and the 2.0-litre variants came with the 1AZ-FE that you’d find in the ASEAN Camry of that era too.

All Officially-Imported, Thailand-made Toyota Wish models came with a higher-spec rear double-wishbone suspension setup that was standard only to the higher-spec 4WD variants of the Japanese-made vehicles.

Used AE20 Toyota Wish Specs:

Unlike its predecessor, all AE20 Toyota Wish cars available in the local market, PI or otherwise, are manufactured in Japan. You can have your Wish in 5 different flavours. This ranges from the most basic 1.8-litre S variant with a 7-speed automatic gearbox with FWD, or to the most capable 2.0-litre Z variant with a 7-speed automatic gearbox with a sport mode and 4WD.

The AE20 Toyota Wish received a facelift in 2012, which saw the car receive new front and rear fascias and a new instrument cluster.

Second Hand Toyota Wish For Sale:

You are spoilt for choice if you are in the market for a Toyota Wish, regardless of the generation or the model year. Regardless of which variant you end up buying though, spare parts for all the various engine options are plentiful locally.

Pre-facelift AE10s are quite rare now, as most have been scrapped or exported. These cars certainly look their age, sporting what can best be described as generic features and your stereotypical MPV shape.

Facelift AE10s are still fairly common, and have a more timeless look - the extra curves in the headlight department and the projectors within the housings themselves have certainly helped!

You can still find the AE20 models on their original COEs. Aesthetically, these cars are a huge step-up from the car it succeeds, and still, look fresh even as older cars are reaching the 12-year mark!

Used Toyota Wish Interior:

AE10 Toyota Wish models have an interior design that reeks of the 2000s - think simple shapes but with more adventurous material and finishing choices.

AE20 Toyota Wish models have interior elements that are still being replicated in modern-day Toyotas, which really helps to make the car seem much younger than it really is.

Finding The One For You:

Original interior trim levels for COE cars are not much of an indicator of the equipment each individual unit actually currently has. Previous owners and/or used car dealers refresh the interiors of these cars with fresh leather and up-to-date infotainment systems kitted out with modern-day luxuries such as Apple Carplay or Android Auto!

Toyota has quoted both generations of Wish models as being capable of returning anywhere from 12.2km/l to 14.8km/l, depending on engine choice.

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