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Used Toyota Sienta Cars for Sale in Singapore

Toyota derived the name “Sienta'' by amalgamating the Spanish word “siete”, which means 7, and the English word “entertain”. This should reveal the approach that they took when penning the mini-MPV - a fun and almost funky way to shift 7 people around.

As with the Honda equivalents, the Sienta is based on Toyota’s supermini of its era - the Yaris/Vitz, which also underpins a more popular model in the form of the Toyota Vios!

Used Toyota Sienta Specs:

Codenamed the XP80, the first generation Toyota Sienta was manufactured from 2003 - 2010, and was only available in Singapore via Parallel Importers. They were equipped with an almost-bulletproof 1.5-litre 4 pot - the same 1NZ-FE engine you would find in a Vios of a similar vintage. This was capable of outputting 110bhp.

The XP170 Toyota Sienta was the sequel to the XP80. Still maintaining a funky exterior but with a completely different ethos, it ditched the more box-like shape of the old car for one inspired by a trekking shoe. This generation is available from both Parallel Importers and the Authorised Distributor.

Second Hand Toyota Sienta Interior:

In keeping with the fun and funky theme, you can almost describe the interior of the XP80 as retro, combining loads of organic curves with cream colours for a pleasant, albeit slightly bland, interior. Build quality is decent enough with it being a Toyota, though material choices could have been better in key areas.

Again, the XP170 adopted a completely different design ideology. It has a dashboard with curves and swishes everywhere, with bright orange accents to help jazz up the interior even more. This is an interior that will not look out of place even if you put it in a car perhaps 10 years in the future! Build quality for this generation seems to be superior to that of the older car, with more soft-touch materials and greater tactility of the switchgear.

Finding The One For You:

This is where things get a bit tricky.

Buying an XP80 Sienta of MY2003-2010 is straightforward enough. These are COE cars that are parallel imported, and the vast majority of units on the used car market are of similar spec. Service history is important if you are after a car with a fresh revalidated 10 year COE. This car will return 18.2km/l when it is new. Trim levels may vary as they are older, parallel imported models.

The XP170 will come with a choice of 3 power plants depending on if the car was an official import, or a grey import. The official cars can be had with a 1.5-litre, 2NR-FE Inline 4 cylinder, which will return 20.6km/l. Grey imports will come equipped with a variant of the engine you’d find in the official cars, codenamed the 2NR-FXE. Fuel economy will be comparable regardless of origin.

AD or PI Hybrid cars will have the same power plant as there was only one global hybrid model on offer.

Pre-facelift, there was little to distinguish the cars externally, so buy one that best suits your budget. The JDM cars and local market units, though, received slightly different facelifts. The official cars gained an almost-mustache-like chrome strip on the front grille, whereas the PI cars now have a chrome strip that spans almost the entire circumference of the front grille, sans a small bit at the bottom. Again, it’s a matter of balancing budget and personal preference, so carefully consider before making a decision!

The AD Sientas can be had for $115,888.

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