118 Used Toyota Estima for Sale in Singapore

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Used Toyota Estima Cars for Sale in Singapore

The Toyota Estima was originally launched in 1990. It had an unusual mid-engined layout, for ease of maintenance and to optimise internal space. After 10 years in production though, Toyota opted to follow the trend of building front-engined, front-wheel-drive cars, by introducing the XR30 generation Estima in the 2000s. The basic Estima formula, therefore, has remained unchanged since then.

Used Toyota Estima Specs:

It is unlike you’d find an XR10/XR20 Estima for sale locally. These were the most interesting Estima models though. It had a 2.4-litre, mid-mounted 4 cylinder engine, which drove the rear wheels. They were then further offered with a range of force induction and gearbox options, making for a people carrier with a whiff of a performance car.

In 2000, Toyota replaced it with a more typically configured car. The XR30/XR40 was front-wheel drive and based on the Toyota Camry. It has a longer wheelbase than the car it succeeds but has dinkier overall dimensions. These cars had even larger engines than the older cars, the largest engine being a 3.0-litre V6.

The XR50 was introduced in 2006 as a replacement for the XR30/40. This would be the longest-lived Estima model, which remained in production for 13 years. A 2.4-litre 4 cylinder and a 3.5-litre V6 were available for the early cars. It was facelifted for the first time in 2009, gaining a new front fascia and headlights. It received its second facelift in 2012, with new lights all around, as well as new front and rear bumpers. The largest facelift came in 2016, where the car will gain a hybrid drivetrain option, as well as a dramatically redesigned front end. The rear of the car was nip-and-tucked too, with new lights, tailgate and bumper.

Finding The One For You:

It is unlikely you’d find an Estima of the earlier 2 generations for sale.

As the XR50 has had such a lengthy production run, you would be able to find them on a mix of original and revalidated COEs, with varying specifications and trim levels. It is not uncommon for owners and dealers to shave years off the external appearance of these cars by using facelift parts from later cars. Even though these are very reliable cars, good service history can only be a bonus.

If you’re after that new car look for not too much cash, the Estima’s long production run can only work in your favour. Switch out tired-looking external componentry for later-model equivalents. Whole interiors can also be retrimmed to create that fresh look!