244 Used Toyota Corolla Altis for Sale in Singapore

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Used Toyota Corolla Altis for Sale in Singapore

The Toyota Corolla Altis, and all its predecessors, surpassed the Volkswagen Beetle as the most popular nameplate of all time in 1997. What Toyota has consistently offered throughout the decades, is a reliable compact saloon, that is affordable to keep on the roads and virtually bulletproof.

That probably goes some way to explain why these are such popular cars that, despite the first-gen Altis being over a decade old, can still be found on our roads today.

Used Toyota Corolla Altis Specs:

The first generation of Toyota Corolla Altis models made available for sale in Singapore was actually the facelifted version of the Japanese Corolla that has been in the market since the early noughties. In 2004 though, the latter was phased out in favour of the former.

This updated E120 Corolla received a new front fascia and even rain sensors over the original JDM E120 it succeeds. In 2006, right before the introduction of its successor, the E150 Corolla Altis, the car received its second facelift, with a new front grille and rear LED taillights. These cars were available with a choice of 2 engine options. A 1.6-litre, 4-pot codenamed the 3ZZ-FE, and a 1.8-litre 4-banger lump known as the 1ZZ-FE. The smaller capacity engine outputs 110bhp, with the larger of the duo squeezing out an extra 24bhp for 134bhp in total.

In 2007, the E120 was replaced with the E150. This model was larger than the car it succeeds, though not every part was all enlarged in the succession. Toyota still fitted this new car with the same engines as the E120, but that isn’t a bad thing owing to its reputation. When new, you could buy these in 2 trim levels - LX and Elegance, with the latter coming equipped with leather seats and touchscreen audio head-unit with a reverse camera. 2010 saw Toyota facelift this generation of the Altis. These cars received new front bumpers and taillights, as well as new engines to keep up with emissions regulations.

In 2014, Toyota launched the replacement for the E150. Engine options were a carryover, though it had a new gearbox. Only one trim was available at launch, though a higher spec Elegance trim was added, which saw the inclusion of LED headlamps with DRLs, keyless entry with push-button start, auto-dimming rearview mirror, and 17-inch alloy wheels.

MY2016 saw the car’s only facelift, with new front and rear fascias, as well as safety features such as seven airbags, ABS with EBD and brake assist, Vehicle Stability Control is made standard across the range.

2020 saw the introduction of the E210 Corolla Altis to the Singapore market. Only 2 models were available, with petrol cars sporting a 1.6L engine with Dual VVT-i mated to a 7-speed Sequential transmission with Super CVT-i, and hybrid ones being equipped with a 1.8L engine for the hybrid.

Second Hand Toyota Corolla Altis Interior:

Pre-E170 Corolla, the Altis’ interior has always felt more utilitarian than stylish. Regardless of the generation leading up to the E170, Toyota has always combined simplistic interior styling with solid materials for durability and functionality.

The E170 Altis, though, sported a more modern dashboard, with greater variation in material choices, colour, and finishing. Gone are its more functional roots; Altis from this generation onwards combined more aggressive styling and materials to create a car with an interior that punches above its weight class.

Finding The One For You:

E120 Corolla Altis models are COE cars. Parts are readily available, and these cars, owing to their mechanical toughness, can still be very commonly seen on our roads. As such, a well-sorted unit should literally cost you pennies to keep on the road. When new, these cars returned 15.4km/l, though you can expect it to have lost some of their efficiency with wear and tear. Again, owing to their age, you can probably find examples with aftermarket interiors or stereo systems, as their previous owners attempt to freshen up an older car for daily use.

E150 Corolla Altis models are mostly COE cars at this point. Later cars were registered in 2012, which means they are fast reaching the point of needing to have their COEs revalidated. As with the E120, these cars are fairly bulletproof, though owing to their age, they may have had other wear and tear components, like the interior, already replaced with aftermarket items.

E170 and E210 Corolla Altis models are still on their original COEs. The early E170s are now 7 years old, but if Toyota’s track record is anything to go by, they have plenty of life left in them. E210s can be had a brand new from Toyota from $109,000.