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Toyotas are quite possibly the most common make of cars on our roads today. Officially distributed by Borneo Motors, their popularity means that grey market imports are fairly common too.

Founded in 1937, it created its first car that very year. Whilst it started off as a manufacturer of bread-and-butter cars (Toyota is still very good at that till this present day!), other, more specialty cars and marques eventually joined the fray. Lexus was created as a sub-brand for their more luxurious models, with yet another sub-brand within Lexus itself, the F, created as a dedicated sports brand within the luxury arm of Toyota.

Iconic cars like the AE86 and the Toyota Supra, and its accompanying 2JZ engine with an almost legendary status, have come out of the skunkworks in their Aichi HQ too! More modern examples of more performance-oriented Toyotas include the Altezza of the 2000s, and the recent GR Yaris of the 2020s!

Used Toyota Car Models:

With such a wide range of models from both the authorised dealer and parallel importers, it will be hard to create a comprehensive list of all the cars with a Toyota badge on the grille locally. Instead, we’ll take a look at the common cars that we often see on the roads that are manufactured by the Aichi-based manufacturer.

The Toyota Wish was Toyota’s response to the Honda Stream’s explosive popularity. Peel back the MPV body, and you’d find oily bits that started out in life in a contemporary Toyota saloon. 2 generations were available, and is your best bet if you’re after a compact Toyota MPV.

The Toyota Sienta was initially manufactured between 2003 - 2010, and was only available in Singapore via Parallel Importers. They were equipped with an almost-bulletproof 1.5-litre 4 pot - the same 1NZ-FE engine you would find in a Vios of a similar vintage. The car that superseded it was available from both Borneo Motors and from parallel importers and can be had with a wider range of engines depending on the car’s original intended market (JDM units were higher spec, and sported different fascias too!)

The Toyota Rush does away with the CUV characteristics of its compatriots, opting instead to have a legitimately capable 4WD system. It was actually manufactured by Daihatsu, with its Terio and the Rush seemingly identical under the skin. Locally, only one generation was ever made for sale, with the Rush being a parallel imported unit and the Terios being officially distributed.

The Toyota Corolla Altis has been a true Singapore staple. 3 generations of this model are available in Singapore with this nameplate, the earliest examples being close to 20 years old and being COE cars. The latest version can be had directly from Borneo Motors for roughly $100,000.

Finally, we can’t do a piece without talking about a marque’s current halo car, can we? Though it can be a little hard to claim the new Mk5 Supra was Toyota’s halo car, as it essentially was a model co-developed with BMW. The underpinnings of the current Z4, and the iconic Supra, are identical, and as are a lot of the interior instrumentation and in-car entertainment features. Even the driveline is identical, though Toyota has insisted on reworking the B58 inline 6 for the Supras, improving its reliability and power output over its unaltered BMW counterparts!

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