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Used Mitsubishi Attrage Cars for Sale in Singapore

The Mitsubishi Attrage was introduced to the Singapore market as a saloon for the 2014 model year. It presented the lowest barrier of entry into new car ownership by a reputable manufacturer. The cars were designed to be simple - as a result, they were easy and affordable to maintain.

Elsewhere, the Attrage in its current guise, has been sold as a Mirage, albeit with a different front fascia, since 2012. The facelifted Mirage was rebadged as the Attrage for the Singapore market, with a hatchback, badged up as the Space Star, joining the line-up later on.

The Mirage itself presented a fuss-free and reliable bread-and-better car for the masses that has really drawn a lot of undue flak from the automotive review industry. It is a reliable car built on proven mechanical parts that will give you many headache-free years of car ownership!

Used Mitsubishi Attrage Specs:

Before we even talk about the specifications of the Attrage, the presence of a prior, pre-facelift model in markets around us means that parts availability (the Singapore-market Attrage shares body panels rearwards of the fenders) is stout. Again, these are relatively simple cars - a surplus of used parts means even lower running costs!

Locally, the Attrage comes with a 1.2-litre 3 cylinder engine that outputs 78bhp. That doesn’t sound like a lot of power - you’d expect this car to struggle in both acceleration and fuel economy as a result. Despite its low cost though, there is some clever engineering that has gone into the car.

Using a mixture of high tensile steel for maximum strength, and some clever aerodynamic trickery, the Attrage is consistently the lightest and most slippery car in its class, allowing the shell to best optimise the power it has. This optimisation means decent performance and excellent fuel consumption figures of 20.4km/l.

Second Hand Mitsubishi Attrage Interior:

With all that clever engineering and design trickery, something's got to give. Thankfully, it’s the overall interior design, and not interior build quality, that Mitsubishi chose to “give”. Whilst it isn’t mindblowing, the functional, but basic, interior is really adequate.

The infotainment screen still comes with bluetooth connectivity and android auto/apple carplay, an amazing feat at this price point!

Finding The One For You:

The earliest Mitsubishi Attrage models are about halfway through their COE cycle. With its relative simplicity, there is little to go wrong with the car, though it pays to find one that has been well looked after regardless.

If the Attrage is a tad blaise for you, the sportier looking Space Star could perhaps be a better option. It essentially is the Attrage but with a hatchback rear end instead of a saloon. The cars are otherwise identical, save for some design cues on the front end (The Space Star has a more aggressive front fascia than the Attrage!)

For MY2019, Mitsubishi standardised the look of both models in Singapore, facelifting both cars with their new corporate grille. The cars also gained revised rear bumpers, LED headlights and taillights. Collision mitigation assist has also been added. Thankfully, despite all the upgrades, prices of the Attrage/Space Star duo remain affordable, at $84,000 at the time of writing.

Again, with solid mechanicals, and an equally robust 10-year, 200,000km warranty from Cycle And Carriage, the Attrage is a solid choice for anyone looking for a refreshing basic and dependable car!

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