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Used Hyundai Elantra Cars for Sale in Singapore

The Elantra is the Koreans’ answer to the Toyota Corolla. But in terms of the ethos, especially behind the styling, these cars couldn’t have been any more different. Modern Elantras sport almost flamboyant styling, a far cry to the more conservative design of its Japanese counterparts. With the advancements in engineering and quality control in the mid-noughties, these cars combine solid mechanicals and Euro-chic styling for a genuine contender to mass-market cars from the land of the rising sun. 

Used Hyundai Elantra Specs 

The first modern Elantra to wear said nameplate is the MD generation cars. It replaced the outgoing HD Avante, though Singapore-market cars had carry over engines from the HD generation. In this guise, it produced 138bhp and was coupled to a brand new 6 speed automatic gearbox. For MY2014, the car received new front bumpers and headlights. Hyundai discontinued the MD Elantra in 2015.

The MD Elantra ditched the fairly feature-less styling of the HD Avante, in favour of a more curvaceous "fluidic sculpture" design that was a hallmark of Hyundai’s portfolio of the era.

The AD Elantra that replaced the MD in 2016 though, realigned the compact saloon with competing cars in its class. It is the first model designed in the post-"fluidic sculpture" era, though you can still see the predecessor’s influence on this car. A new 1.4 litre was made available with this generation, as well as the 2nd generation of the 1.6 litre that was used in the previous 2 generations.

In 2019, Hyundai further shook off any cues that were carried over from the previous design language, dramatically updating the entire front end with new fenders, bumpers, bonnet and lights, with a more subtle nip-and-tuck to the rear end. Inside, the facelift cars received updates to the steering wheel and to the infotainment system, sporting units directly lifted from current generation Hyundai models.

The AD Elantra was discontinued in 2020, and was replaced by the CN7 Elantra for 2021-onwards.

Second Hand Hyundai Elantra Interior:

To sum it up, then, regardless of the generation of Elantra you go for, they generally sport interior designs and quality that rival that of several mass-market German cars. If you are after that level of quality and design but on a shoestring, you really cannot go wrong with a modern Elantra!

Finding The One For You:

Before we ascertain which specific unit you should go for, we should talk about rough fuel consumption figures of each of the cars.

MD Avantes will do 14.9km/l. As these cars are reaching the end of their original COEs (later cars are still on them though, with plenty of time still left on it!), it is not uncommon to see units for sale with refreshed and updated interior and exterior equipment.

AD Elantras will do 14.9km/l. They are still on their original COEs. Depending on the used car dealer you acquire yours from, they may still be covered under Komoco’s comprehensive warranty.

The current generation CN7 cars will do 18.7km/l. They can be had right now for roughly SGD$100,000 for a mid-spec model!

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