54 Used Honda Stream for Sale in Singapore

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Used Honda Stream Cars for Sale in Singapore

The Honda Stream addressed the need for a more compact MPV when it was initially launched in the 2000s. It was designed to slot below the larger Odyssey, at a much more affordable price tag. Honda made 2 iterations of the Stream in total, with the original model’s production run spanning from between 2000 to 2006. The updated Stream was manufactured from between 2006 to 2014.

Second hand Honda Stream Specs:

All generations of the Honda Stream were based on the Civics of that era, with the cars sharing much of the mechanical componentry, as well as the floorpan, albeit with some additional alterations to cater for a 3rd row of seats.

For the MY2000 - 2006 Honda Stream, Model Code RN1 - 5, 3 engines were available. This ranged from a more economical 1.7-litre D17 engine, to the fruitier 2.0 litre K20A/B power plants that were fitted to later cars. Externally, the Mk1 Stream received a facelift for the 2004 Model Year.

For the MY2006 - 2014 Honda Stream, Model Code RN6 - 9, 2 engines were available. You can opt for the lower spec R18A 1.8-litre engine, or a R20A 2.0-litre unit. These came with a variety of transmission options, that includes a 5 speed automatic with AWD..

The Honda Stream was replaced by the Honda Jade for the 2015 model year.

Used Honda Stream for Sale:

You’d be hard-pressed to find a Mk1 Honda Stream for sale right now, as most examples would have already expired COEs and have then been exported or scrapped. Mk2s are still fairly common, with most examples that are available on sale with revalidated 5-year COEs.

Honda markets the Stream as a MPV but with a sporty-twist, and the exterior styling more than shows that. It does away with your traditional boxy shape, opting for more curvaceous windows and swage lines. In fact, despite it being a design that is almost 15 years old, the car still looks fresh. Well-kept examples can hide the true age of the car!

Honda claims the RN6 Stream will have a fuel economy rating of 14.8km/l. The Honda Stream fuel consumption figures, therefore, are actually impressive, considering its size and mass!

Honda Stream Interior:

This is where Honda has done admirably. The interior is familiar if you have spent any amount of time in a Jazz/Fit or a Civic of a similar vintage. The more left-field approach to MPV design continues inside, which again helps the car look and feel younger than it really is. Higher spec models have leather steering wheels fitted too!

Finding The One For You:

There are various used Honda Stream cars available on the Carousell platform.

You can buy the RN6/7/8 Honda Stream in 6 different trim levels. This ranges from the base 1.8-litre FWD X variant, to the range-topping 2.0-litre RSZ with AWD. Interior trim levels also vary depending on the options selected at the time of purchase. However, as these are now COE cars, many examples available on the 2nd hand market right now may already have had new 3rd party interiors and infotainment systems retrofitted.